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31 Jul 2019

1793 North Wales Farthing D&H 15a

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Hi everyone. Well I haven't done a token in a while so I went to my blog book I pre write them and found this simple but very important token. Now it's a half penny made by the Royal mint. That's right a token made by the Royal mint. Not Soho but in England at the big mint. Why would they do that.? Well in about 1791 and 1792 Britain realized they were running very low on these tokens. Then people used them constantily. Now if they were made any were made anywhere else they would get only sixty an hour. Certainly not enough to keep up with demand.. That's why the Royal Mint made them.
Now if they were going to make these they wanted a good die sinker and designer. It didn't take long to chose Peter Kempson. One of the many masters of this type of coinage.. I believe with no disrespect to the others he was the best without doubt. So he was called to make this token and one for South wales.. So he put the Prince of Wales on the obverse who would become George the IV. The reverse depicts the crest of the office of Prince of Wales. Then he did something to this token that was different. He raised different points in the token . Not a lot but a very slight dot changed the texture of it. Given it a wonderful feel and a terrific look. Only Peter Kempson would do this. Now there are thousands of different tokens is it possible someone else did this also? Of course.
Now it weighs 3.6 gr and is 21.6 mm. To me the perfect size to carry. It was accepted at once by the people. I looked for mintage but could not find them. Those measurements are mine. When I can't find it I use my tools to get them. Now this is not a long blog but an important one no less. To think they were running out of pennies it immediately hit the economy and it picked it l up. Yes this Farthing made a differance. . Now we talk a value I know it's important to most of you. In a MS condition depending on the condition believe me when I say you will make your money back. I never use dollars when I write about these. I have seen most of them and they wouldn't make an A/U. More like an XF. I think Kempson did a great job and this small token has an impact on a country's economy. I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks dor.reading. Pat.



Level 3

Found them! Awesome Blogs on all your Tokens!!! Amazing they put your name on the NGC labels. Thanks for putting in the time to share your collection! I Love Tokens! so much hidden history behind tokens! :)


Level 6

Great token! Lots of history with this one! Thanks for always an interesting and informative blog Pat! ; )


Level 5

Great blog sir. You taught me a few things today and I thank you for that.


Level 4

Very nice. Thank you again for your contributions. They are always well received here! God bless...


Level 5

I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the numismatic lesson.


Level 6

Finally, you are back doing token blogs. I learn so much from you. This is indeed a beautiful token. Hard to believe the Royal Mint had to make them. Amazing. It's content is also in the news today. I see that the U.K's new PM just made a visit to Wales to talk to the farmers their. Nothing ever changes.. Thanks Pat! great work.


Level 6

A beautiful token Pat, Thank You for sharing its interesting history and unique features. Mr. Kempson was indeed a Master.

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