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09 Oct 2020

1906 Pattern Double Eagle Private Issue Struck 2013 Gem Proof

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Hi everyone. They is the last of my Pattern coins. This one was done by Charles Barber. I think the obverse gives that away. Now this coin is the only one made.. It was made in gold. And when you see the reverse you will know why it was supposed to be destroyed. Since by a miracle it survived it is one of the most valuable pattern coin in existance.

Now knowing somethings about Barbers personality it was his coins or no ones. He even had words with the President of the United States!!Now he designed this double eagle in a very quick time to beat out Saint Gaudins before he finished his.. Now Liberty's head has a Laurel Wreath and a Phrygan cap. It also has 13 stars.

Now to the reverse. Please understand that the following is my own opinion on it. She is standing with a sword in her right hand guarding an eagle. She has a liberty cap on a pole in her left hand. Now down by the rest on both sides you will see the date 20 on one side and 09 in the other. That was the date of issue. It says United States of America double eagle.. Now behind I guess there arrows it says In God We Trust.

Now take a good look at the reverse.. I think this is why it was rejected and ordered to be destroyed. . The woman in the reverse is sloppy. All she needs is a cigarette. She is way over weight. Now to the two headed eagle. Look quick that's what it looks like. It's about 50 times the size of a real eagle. I have seen pictures of the wing with the head of a dinosaur. I think she and the eagle are about the same size. I'm sorry if you like it that's fine with me. We all buy what we like. When I saw this I had to buy it. You always get the question what's the ugliest coin you have seen. Well this is my choice.

I'm sorry I do own it and I write blogs on only coins I own. I had to write it but also give my true feelings. Barbers attitude with the President and the other designers comes out in this design. It is not one of beauty. I do not think the public would of used it. It's just a poor design. I never in 27 years have seen a coin like this. But it's worth a foutune. Only because it survived . Please do not attack me for my opiion. I have tried to like it but I can't find a wy. Take care and be well.


walking liberty

Level 4

wish i had a pattern coin


Level 4

Neat piece of history. Barber coins just look "plain" to me. They do not represent the real values of the country.


Level 6

Keeping true to form, Barber, in my opinion Miss Liberty always looks like a man... Great blog Mike! Really enjoyed reading it ; )

Doug S.

Level 4

Any pattern coin is off the charts cool in my mind. Love the thing..Congratulations Mike! Regards Doug

Long Beard

Level 5

While rather less than appealing, keep in mind that this is a pattern. Patterns often go through considerable refinement and changes before production, in which case this one most certainly would have. With that, as is, I agree on the reverse design being overly busy as well as Charles E. Barber's style.. Unmistakable.


Level 7

This was a race to get the ok for a designers double eagle. I know what a pattern coin goes through. Barbers coin not only lost but it was ordered to be destroyed. That's a little different than melt this please.


Level 6

WOW! Personally, I never like Barbers coins. Too repetitive. This reverse is so busy. Are you sure those are arrows? Maybe rays? I really had to concentrate to see the In God We Trust motto. Who knows. I do see a two headed eagle as well. Thanks Mike.


Level 6

Mr. Barber sure liked to keep his designs within a certain limited style. I guess there is only so much you can do with Liberty's bust. Thanks for sharing your pattern Mike, it definitely gives us an idea of how Barbe evolves his design ideas.

Lady Liberty on the obverse looks like she could be the sister to the Liberty on Barber's dime, quarter, and half dollar. True, he only got somewhat creative to beat out St. Gauden's for the double eagle, but it was a step in the right direction. Charles sure liked his women big.

Not a very pretty liberty, but of Barber's style. It looks great!


Level 5

The obverse of this pattern does not deviate very far from previous designs. This, in my mind, defeats the purpose of redesigning our coins at all. I grade the obverse for lack of originality F+. Now the reverse. Liberty's Face looks like the Terminator without the skin. I can't get past that chiseled jaw. Her body is a little out of proportion. The eagle is O.K. The symbology isn't bad with the downward-pointing sword, the cap and pole, and the rays. Overall, I give the reverse a C. Overall, I'll take St Gauden's design every day of the week, and I am glad this pattern never made it to prime time. After all, Teddy, who Mr. Barber works for, would have nothing of it.


Level 5

I kind of like the reverse. The obverse is just ok in my opinion. Thanks for the blog, Mike.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Probably the only coin with a Phrygian cap on both sides of a coin. The obverse is ok, the reverse is too cluttered. It was a poorly executed design to put the motto behind the arrows. Hardly noticeable and makes the reverse too busy. The eagle I can't really complain about, but I must say, Liberty does appear to be rather matronly. Regarding Barber's personality, I have not yet read of an artist who designed coins or an engraver who did not have fits trying to deal with him. Apparently there is a movement to rewrite history about him. So common these days, that. Here is a link to that story....https://www.numismaticnews.net/buzz/mints-charles-e-barber-gets-historical-makeover


Level 5

She is most definitely a "Thick" gal, and the eagle is just living up to the standard of "Double Eagle" lol. Overall, I like the coin, size wise it's not realistic and it is a little too "Busy" for me, but I still like the overall coin. Thanks for sharing. Later!

Wait what is the obverse and reverse?

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Reverse had Miss Liberty standing with the sword down and holding the liberty pole with the liberty cap on it

Very beautiful coin! I like the design but I can definitly see where they are coming from with the reverse.


Level 6

Pattern coins are "What might have Been."


Level 5

Very interesting.... Im glad you wrote this blog. I actually like this design, but can totally see where you are coming from... The obverse is extremely sloppy, but the reverse kinda makes up for it for me. Again, thanks for another great blog! Cheers, NM


Level 5

Nice private issue. To bad it didn't circulate as a gold coin back then. I kind of like the design. Designs from back then are really amazing.

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