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11 Aug 2022

America The Beautiful Five Ounce Coins

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Hi!. I hope all is well! Today I will be writing about the five oz coins from America the Beautiful set. I did not buy the first year. Why well I wasn't sure if I liked them. So I waited for the second year. Those I liked. I wanted them graded so I entered auctions.

When I chose to do this I waited a while so the price would drop. This worked out. I was able to get these at some good prices. You notice there from all third party graders. I buy the coin not the label or the slab. This turned out to be in my favor. The two ANACS are 70!! There the only ones but if you look at the labels two are satin finish. To me they look beautiful. I'm sorry about the pictures its hard enough to take a one ounce in a slab!

These also had allot to do with the history of our country. Now I had every intention of going for the set. Then you add up the price and say I'm happy with these. Yes they cost a fortune if you add five a year for ten years. At a round 200.00 A piece depending on the grade it would cost something way out of my budget. I know some who have it they have been blessed. Good for them. I'm glad some people got them. But me out of the budget.

I always say buy within your means. I would be paying of this set for along time. So I made the smart move.Do I wish I could buy them all of course but as collectors we should by in a budget. Never buy on impulse. That will get you in debt real fast.

I matched these up with the regular quarters. There exact in every way. I did collect the regular quarters. All in silver. I like them better. And there easy to keep. This blog I will not go into dimensions. And I believe most of us have A few of the regular quarters. Who designed them has been said many times on this site.

Well I was having trouble loading the last two. But some how I did it. Don't ask how.! You can still buy these I would pick the one you like. Please read the labels. They are important to these coins. Many are different.I did not take a picture of the obverse. Its one big George Washington. To me the obverse is not as attractive as the reverse. Besides I could not get it to the blog. I hope you enjoyed these coins. I have to say if only I had the whole set!! All the coins depending on the grading company are first strike coins or early releases. There is no toning on Glacier National Park its the camera. Its just as bright as the others!

I do have the mintages. Gettysburg 24,625

Glacier Park. 29,856

Olympic 18,398

Vicksburg. 18,594

Chicks saw. 16,827

As you can see the montages were very low. That attracted me also . Thanks for taking time I greatly appreciated it. Mike.



Level 6

Really nice coins! 5 oz coins are amazing! I have a few of these giant slabs as well.... They are crazy big! haha ; )


Level 4

The 5oz. silver ATB “quarters” are very attractive. The enlarged designs show stunning detail compared to the actual quarters. The only one I am really interested in getting is the Gettysburg one though, as I have an affinity for the battlefield there. Very nice collection Mike. Thanks for sharing.


Level 4


Long Beard

Level 5

These are another coin I pondered on collecting at one time but have yet to do so. A few years back they were around the $110 range uncertified. To get them for what you have, seems that I'll be looking into them myself. At three inches in diameter the designs most certainly look better. Thanks, Sir!


Level 6

Nice coins Mike. I believe I have one or two hidden away. These giant slabs are crazy. Beautiful. Thnaks.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

I love these big silver coins.....but who doesn't love big silver coins ...I don't currently own any of these but they're very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these from your collection and thanks for the great blog!!!


Level 5

Nice coins Mike. I only have the one from Delaware because that was the state I grew up in.

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