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28 Jan 2022


Medals | Mike

Hi everyone. Well the snow is coming so I decided to write a blog on an item that I have not seen in a long time on this site. Medals The medal below I last wrote about four years ago. Only three people are still here. The contents will be different. The medal was made by a very famous medal maker . Jacques Weiner. He was the oldest of three brothers all excellent engravers. Now this was made in 1856. He had made thirty before this. He decided to do a series on fifty cathedrals in Europe. Things were going well. But when he came to the 41 medal he had lost his sight from all the detail he put into his work. I saw this on a Heritage Auction. No one was bidding. Then again most people don't collect medals and there were plenty to choose from. I saw the price and said I'm not winning this. I put a bid in and won!! Now he liked to write history on his medals. The bottom reads St. Peters church Founded about 612 rebuilt and erected an Abbey 958-1049. Now the left reads The present church constructed 1220-1285 restored end of the XV11 centurty. Now the right side reads Westminster Hall built 1397and the chapel of Henry V11 commenced 1503. Now that saved me allot of reserch. The name Hoydonk was the name of the person who researched Wieners medals. His full name was Emil Van Hoydonk.Now Jacques Weiner lived in Belgium. Born in 1815 died 1899. Now his two brothers did very well. His brother Charles became the assistant engraver at the Royal mint. His brother Leopold was appointed first engraver to the Belgium mint. A very talented family. There work commands good prices.

21 Jan 2022

My Microscope

Coins | Mike

Hi!! Last year I bought a microscope. Nothing fancy as a matter of fact it was 35.00. So I bought it and no it didn't work. I tried everything. Christmas my wife bought me an I phone. I decide to try it and it worked. It seems my old phone was older than me. .What was I going to use it on. ? It hooks up with the house wifi. I had a Morgan dollar I got back with a MS 69. Why not. So I went over the reverse and found nothing. The obverse I started in the cheek there it was a small indentation. You can't see it with your eyes or loop. So I did what N.G.C.does I increased the magnification. There was my 69. Yes it takes pictures. ..No wires you can take it out of the holder. It downloads your pictures. So I'm looking to have fun with this. Enlarge the PICTURE so you can see the mark. I moved so its not sharp. I have found five cents so far with problems I told the author they make billions of these strikes. Your going to find many problems. They don't change the dies that often.

19 Jan 2022

Looking For A Nice Little Set?

Coins | Mike

Hi! I know its been a long time for me both surgery and new technology set me back. I was looking at my pictures and came across a great little set. Fifteen coins. One coin from each mint and there from the war. No not nickels but dimes. Mercury dimes. You always wonder who thought of putting this set together?. I searched high and low. No name or company. ... This will be for me a short blog since I'm still recovering. I saw this set years ago. And the luster just made each coin shine. Its not worth a million dollars. But we collect what we like. I looked at each coin. The reverse some still have spreads bands. I had the nickel set and said these two will go nice together. And they do. No they don't cost allot but it is part of our history. Each coin from each year of the war will tell you another story. I checked eBay not to many. You will have to look for a nice set. For the younger group it is in your reach depending on the quality of the coins. They would add nicely to your collection. You save a while and you can have it. I saw prices from 80 to 100 dollar. That's not bad for coins that old in good condition. My set is old. Enlarge the picture please you will see what I'm talking about. The only good thing about being old is when we bought our coins they were not that expensive. These have held there price. Not only that there all silver and designed by one of the best. Do I have to tell you his name? I'm not. Look it up. Some.companies have beautiful sets . I think they would add something good to your collection. I have been collecting 30 years. I still like this set. You don't hear about it or see much of it. I'm glad I bought it when I did. I have enjoyed it all these years. I'm not collecting anymore. Thirty years is a good number. But its sets like this the little one that made it enjoyable. ... I'm still looking at Conder tokens. I don't think I will completely stop those. But there comes a time when all good things come to an end. Now I still get just to enjoy them. I still have many blogs I can write on coins. Only because I was lucky to buy early. So give the set a thought. I never tell anyone what to collect. But you have a home run with this set. A great designer a great design and a great coin and don't forget the history. . I hope you enjoyed this small blog . I have not seen on this site. . Take care. Be well be safe. Mike.

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