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11 Mar 2021

Cents And Why I Like Them!!

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone I hope your doing well. Today I will write about cents. Not who designed them weather it's the Indian Head or the regular Lincolns. We know that. Now I did not put all the reverses up believe me there just as nice as the obverse. I did put up two I think. Now looking at these you would think they just be worth allot. But this is not about value. Yes there are a few. Now the reason I bought these was the one reason we buy coins. It catches your eye. These caught mine. Now these are just a few. But I want you to understand these coins in your hand there is nothing like the beauty of a red cent.The mirror finish when you look at these you can see part of your reflection. The pictures do not do these cents or my others justice. I like the ones with the cameo in the Lincoln. They were made at West Point. Now your thinking about value . I will bring some up. Some of these go for 28.00 first time I ever wrote The price of a coin in my blog. Like I said they caught my eye. The beauty of these is the age. If some. That you have to appreciate. Coins so old yet so red. My theory is a collector bought boxes of these years ago and stored them. Only one was found in cent rolling. The 1931 S. Only 866.000 made. I was sitting in the house my wife gives me the change and I saw a red cent. I turned off over and to my surprise there it was. Now I got into collecting these just like most of us. Rolling . It's fun, it takes up your time and you never know what you will find. This pushed me into collecting cents. I have most but not the so called key dates. There the ones you have to buy for a large amount. The 1909 V.D.B. Now I bought that years ago. The best part is the cent was not that much!. I was surprised. However it has began to move. My friend told me he was one at auction going for a.very fair sum.. The 1909 Indian head you can see by the holder I picked that up years ago.. Timing is everything. You never know what will move and what wont. That's why I picked these up raw. Yes some raw on ebay. They cost a few bucks but when I got them home I said I have to get more. So that's why I bought these and others. To show you cents have a little bit of everthing. I looked on eBay yesterday some graded PR.68 were very cheep. That's because of the mintage. But red proof cents are a blessing to this hobby. There fun there beautiful and afforable. I wish I had better pictures but you can see how good looking they are. My 1797 copper tokens many are red red brown. I call the art in copper. So don't give up on these. When I show the to friends where did you get a coin that old.so new? So new. That's why I love them. Take care.

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