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25 Apr 2020

I Know What I Saw And It's Still What I Saw 1945 Error Medal

Medals | Mike

Hi i hope everyone is.doing well. We will get through this. A few years ago i saw.a.set i liked. It was The Benjamin Franklin Coin And Currecy set. I liked it. Please there away were i cannot get to them. I followed up and bought each one. Of course i missed The Lincoln Chronicles Set. Which i piced up two years later. Well the mint decided to lower the mintage on a set and put a revers proof coin in it. Sold out in 12 minutes. They did all the presidents up to Kennedy im not sure on Johnson. Im sorry this is not my usual way to write a blog but all the sets are together rapped.in bubble.rap. The set im writting about is the Franklin D. Roosevelt set. It had a reverse proof the Presidential Medal that every President gets at there Inauguration. Now i received the set and as soon as i saw it i saw somthing that caught my eye. The spelling of his name. Now look at the name Franklin. What do you see. You see what i saw. The i was on top of the letter L. No doubt about it. I called the mint i dont know why but i did. There is nothing wrong. I called his Library. I spoke to a very nice woman who told me.that the medal wasnt there i said it has to be. She said i will look and get back to you. Thats the letter below.. She found it the medal was made by Mr. Sinnock (MO 1948.80.12). She admits yes i see it. It has be a stylization. I said why would they do that to a Presidents name. This is the biggest day of his life. Now she could not answer me. I had stumbled accorss a mistake on a medal of a President given to him on his first day as President. No one wants to admitt this error. The mistake was made on the die they made the Presidential Medal. To late to do another. The one issued in the set is the same as the one in the libray. I checked all his medals none have this i on top of the letter L it makes it look like a U. Im sorry but that is a grave error to give to the President of the United States. Im sorry. The real kick is everyone sees it but no one will do anything about it. It will be that way forever. We gave a President an error medal on his day. Nothing is impossable. Stay well were your mask and gloves.. Thanks. MikePLEASE ENLARGE PICTURE SO YOU WILL SEE WHAT I SAW.

18 Apr 2020

The 2017 Enhanced Set What You Should Know

Coins | Mike

Hi. First im not putting up ten coins. The set herd round the world. Do you remember that day? I do August first. I thought this was going to be easy . The mintage was 225,000. I did not get through so i gave up. Now not only the phones and the net. In less than than ten minutes it became currently unavailable. Ten minutes one of the problems no limit!! Now almost three hours to go before the the ANA worlds fair of money in Denver would have a chance to buy there sets.At the mints booth a line formed as soon as ANA members were admitted at 2:30 p.m E.S.T.. and the first person bought 20 sets. The mint did have an indavidual order limit of 500. So they went and got carts for those who whoud need them. Now the mint had brought enough sets to the ANA that collectors were still buying even after they closed five hours later!! On line and phone gone! Some sets were sold at the Denver Mint the Philadelphia mint and the mint in Washington.. Now there was no house limit and a five hundred at the show. They were every where!! Even though the mint apparently set aside a large quanity of sets for sale exclusively at the show. They began to hear some of the .same old complaintt they had heard at other blockbuster releases long lines and our friends the dealers orders. After massive dealers orders the word got out sold out on line Let me tell you they knew this wouod happen. The collectors have had enough. The coins all had the S mint mark. And had a spexial laser frosting that gave them a matte and somtimes a proof look. Now the third party graders were ready with there special label. I forgot the price. 29.95. Nownwe know the set became unavailable on line within minutes of going on sale on August I, by early August 3rd several large orders had been cancelled! That changed the status to avalible. It remaned avalible till August 7 th by the 14th it was again listed as unavable only to be avable two days later!! So lets cut to the chase by August 13th an additional 5796 sets were sold. What happened. ? By August 20th the mint adjusted there figures douwn by 12,273 for a total of 211,273 sets sold many were said to be poor quaility. Thousands of collectors went what they call rage quitting . I have done that. Now i could point out everything that went wrong but that would take another blog. Now this happened in 2017. Look what they have done since. They dont learn. They love there dealers. This article was written by a staff writer for Coin World. I would love to have his name. He broke this open. All the mistakes. Taken care of dealers. Not only did dealers have there orders they had people at the show buying five hundred . I would like to thank him. He had the courage to show all the mistakes. The mint not knowing what wa going on. We have them we dont have them wait!! Totaly unprepared no limits. This happens all the time. They do not sell just on line but they would sell them in a candy store. Now if you want to buy this set. Its on ebay. All of them. But i still like the finish. I did wht my friend said wait you will get them for nothing he was on the money. This did not have to happen. Not in this day and age. Its not a way to run a bussiness . It can ruin one. So now you know the truth of this set. All for.greed. Five hundred at the show. Non on line or phone. I thought the mint would learn from this. I was mad as heck. But they didnt. Will they ever? I doubt it. Stay healthy stay home this virus is still out there. Mike.

13 Apr 2020

Bishops Gate D&H 651 Middlesex Britain.

Tokens | Mike

Hi everyone. I hope your all doing well during this terrible time. Im writing today on a token called Bishops Gate. First the token. Its 11.51grms and 29 mm. The Obverse states Bishops Gate Built 1733. The reverse has a cypher PSCo. The reverse states Dedicated To Collectors Medals And Coins.. Its a wonderful token with a rich history. It goes back to the Romans. It was rebuilt in 1471. You have to love the records that the Brutish kept.its amazing. A group of people called The Hansa Merchants did the rebuilding. Now the gate was put up with numirious gates to protect the city an allow visitors and merchants to the town known as Bishops Gate. This is in the east end of England because of this it survied the Great Fire of London. The gate was divived into two. . Bishops gate without and in. This meant ouside the walls of the Gate and the inside. I was born in Ireland and Baptized in Holy Trinty Without. Out side the walls of Waterford. It was completed in 1733. The token was made.after that but no date is on it. This is common it was made duding the middle of the 1700's.. Now a little of some of the places Bishops Gate was Know for. It had some of the oldest and most famous public houses or bars as we know them.One in particular was the London Tavern. This stood from 1768-1876. It was demolished and re-ericted as theold.Crosby Hall which at one time was the residance of Richard the III and St. Thomas Moore. There was a bad time in this modern age. On April 24,1993 Bishops Gate suffered massive destruction April 24 was the Anniversary of the Easter Uprising. Now understand this. I am aware of what goes on in the land of my birth Ireland. On that day the I.R.A. Called the British station police and Army. They gave a five digit code that verify that its the I.R.A. They then continue to name the place ,time,and size of the explosive. However during this time the British would not respond to the message and allowed the truck bomb to go of causing one death and 40 injured. One million pounds in damage. The sad part no one had to suffer. The British decided to turn public opinion against them. Great idea. It back fired. They did it a few times and the public was upset at both but mainly the procters they had the time place and plenty of time to disarm So there you have it the Readers Digest version of Bishops Gate and its town. Rich in history. Every coin and token tells a story. The British and Romans were remarkable in there history. If i did anymore research i probably could get the blue prints. Stay inside stay healthy family first.P.S. Kindly enlarge the photo that shows Bishops.Gate!

01 Apr 2020

The New W Quarters Are They Worth Catching The Virus?

Coins | Mike

Hi everone. I was hoping the mint would consider relasing these Quarters for at least two months. First listen to what they tell us. Mask,gloves, stay six feet away from others. There are good reasons for this. Your life. These quarters should be released when the situation gets better. Not now. Stay home. Take my word what i saw turned my stomach. This is very serious. Wait please. Young kids and now middle age people along with old folks like me are not worth it. Think of youself in a hospital bed with your lucky quarter in your hand. Am i trying to scare you. You better believe it. Do not get complacent. Complancy will get you sick. Oh i wont get it not me. There baried thousands all over the world who said that. Dont you get that attitufe. Follow the most important important rule STAY HOME ! There are pleanty of things to do. If a quarter gets in the house from your parents food shoping . Consider your self lucky. Read the sign when you go into the forest. No Hunting. Listen you can do anything you want. But if someone gets this looking for a quarter i seriously hope you get to tell us how.. You make the dexision. And you will have to live with it. What if you bring it home to yiur parents? That will make you feel real good. Dont think it hasnt happened. Dont worry there are pleanty to go arround. They will be there in two months. Save a life .. Yours.

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