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27 May 2020

Every Day Is Memorial Day

| Mike

Hi ! I hope everyone is ok. Im not going to write anything on Memorial Day. You see the coins below say it all . I left out a few. This was tried on Memorial Day because of a friend of mine on the site. So just look and remember. Not just the day but every day. Thats the wy it should be. I left out nine other coins that pay homage to our falen soldiers. The five star generals Eike and many others.

22 May 2020

York The City In The North Token 1795 D&H 68

Tokens | Mike

Hi my friends i hope all of you are well. I decided to write today on the token York. York was in the north of England and has a rich history. We will get the false stories we have been led to believe in. That William Wallace saked York. No. Not close. It made for an ok movie but again we have fiction and non-fiction. They do that allot . After the Norman conquest William the Great built a wooden castle. However in 1609 the north of England rose in revolt.The Norman Garrison was massaquerd . William returned and rebuilt another castle to rebuild the town. So who sacked York? The Vikings. It was Ivar The Boneless and his brothers Ubbe and Hvitserk..It was easy since York was boult by two rivers. The town was slaghterd.. York was important to them because they had a mint.All the Vikings coinage came from York. Before i go any further William Wallace did beat the English at the historic battle of Stirling. Wallace defeated Edward the 1st otherwise known as Lonshanks. Who founded York before William. The Romans.in 70A.D. They founded it between the two rivers named Ouse and Foss. The Romans left in 1190 but before that the Jewish population was slaughtered some committed suicide. Rome had settled most of England when they left it was a mess. Now many things happend it York.during the time of the Romans ,the Normans the Vikings. It seemed like Wallace was the only one that didnt sack York. The towns people stayed the same and continued to rebuild.this wonderful town its mane export was wool. There was a big demand for it and wool was made all over England. Many tokens have the machinery on the reverse.. They also built one of the largest Cathedrals in Europe its called The Metropolitcacl Church of St.Peter. Commonly known as York Minister. It is the seat of The Archbishop the third highest office of the church of England.. Now York has a great story. They made thes tokens so we would remember the history of England. Yes they tell stories and there fascinating. Braveheart was an ok movie but the real history is so much better .The token the obverse has a view of the Cathedral York 1795 .The reverse has a view of the castle and drawbridge. The edge says York 1223 Cathedral Rebuilt 1076A.D. . Its half a penny the diameter is 28.7 mm 1.8 thick. And weighs 7.18 grm.. Its a wonderful token and as i say read the history. Why did they make such a beautiful token . Because the English are probably one of the best in record keeping. I could not put every detail every name. But i told the tokens story. Thanks stay safe.

14 May 2020

A Couple Of ANA Medals From Conventions!!

Medals | Mike

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. A while ago i was serching for medals. Even though Erick Neuman said i will not collect them they have no value and are not legal tender. Wellh he was one of the greatest collector of all time. We still buy what we like. The funny part about that yes he said it but he also colle ted tokens. I own a Hardship token with his label on it.. I do like medals i have a few very nice one. And they do carry value based on the sculpture. Now if you like them Europe has some beautiful medals Yes they do but we have great medals here also. Some numbered.. Some go to Presidents on Inaugural day. And the festivials and our anniversays. I like the ANA medals. You enlarge them.. I saw the 75 Diamond Anniversary all were missing the diamond but this one. It was held at the birth place of the ANA. I think its one of the nicest. You have a place for your name and club. . Now they make single coins two coins and three. Now.i saw the blue one and it has scratches on the plastic. I found someone who carries them. Thats the 85 anniversary. The silver coin is antique i believe the second one is brass and the small on is copper. You can buy the one coin made for the show. They have dinner and a good time is had by all. You can buy past ones on ebay. Some are very resonable some are expensive. . I plan on picking up a couple more. Im proud to be a member of the ANA. Someday i will make one of these big affairs. So take a look you might see something you like. I always wondered why they took the diamond out? Its not worth the price of the medal!Stay Safe Were a mask thats not to much to ask for! Thanks Mik

11 May 2020

The Emwegancy American Eagle!! 2020 Philadelphia

Coins | Mike

Hi my friends i hope you all are doing o.k. Well the virus finnaly did make its way to one of the mints . West Point. . It goes everywhere it attacks who it wants and we cant sttop it. So the mint closed. Well they shipped the dies to Philadelphia i believe. There they produced 240,000 emergency Silver American Eagles. Both grading services put this on there label EMERGENCY. This is not an emergency. You see the virus is,a fire is many hundred of things can be an emergency. Now this was in Coin Week. They said what i have said many times. Do not buy the label buy the coin. You pay more for.autographs labels when you should be looking at the coin. Now the two Silver Eagles below. The one that was an energancy coin sells for 329.00. The MS struck at Philadelphia. As Coin World goes.on if you break them out of the slabes they are identical. You cannot tell were one was made.. And were the other was made. Both were made in Philadelphia. The price of thebother Eagle 70.00. Why pay 329.00? Why was it called an emergancy Money. Thats all its nice to see a magizine like Coin World to tell it like it is . I did make.a.mistake. I assumed West Point sent there dies. But there is no mint mark on these eagles. There the same they made for years. Now if you think this is a rarity be my guest and pay the seller. Ebay went as high as four times the regular price. So anyone can buy these coins if you like them there is nothing wrong with that. This is an opiion. We buy what we like. But i can't blame the mint feor this. The label was not made by the mint!. Why didnt they just put the regular label on these? I said it before . Money. The games go on. . The West Point Mint is open again making the same eagles . Its not hard to figure out. Another man made rarity. Will it evey end. Thanks to Coin World for the article. It brought to lite what we already knew. Enjoy stay sqfe and buy what you want!.

09 May 2020

The Soho Mint And Matthew Boulten D&H -212

Tokens | Mike

Hi my friends . Now hope I you all are ok. This blog was written before but a new token and more information is always welcome. Matthew Bouldien was the general manufacturer in Birmingham. In 1762 he bought and rebuilt some works at a place called SoHo. Little did we know what would be coming . Its on the outside of the town. Now he didnt do this alone a gentleman by the name ofMr. Fothergill was his partner. Now he wasnt done they became aquainted with Mr. James Watt. He was the man made.famouse by inventing the steam engine. He moved to Soho in 1769. He knew a good thing when he saw it. He hooked up with the other partners. Now Boultin was not done in 1773 he had an Assay office to his bussiness. Everthing was getting bigger.. In 1788 he added a coin machines and a coin mill was built. Now what we have is the Soho mint. Beautiful coins and wonderful tokens like the one below. I know NGC is busy but that token is a proof you cant get better. They made a mistake on another one. Back to the blog. Now these machines were putting out 60 to 80 coins per minute. And they were taking care of. I now the made a few items for the Royal Mint. In 1857 there were no more coins tokens . It was dismantled and the machinery sold toMr. Ralph Heaton and the TheSons of Soho. . Now all good things come to an end the old mint was one. There are no remains of the old mint. It produced some of the words best tokens and coins you have seen most of my collection. I still have raw tokens that i like that way. But when you come accross a beautiful token whats the crime in trying to protect it. You hold this token up its remarkable. How they missed this i will tell you. NGC is using other graders in different sections. I will not send another coin or token till this virus ends and it will the other mistake. The token said erected in 1794 they used that as the date. It wasnt. It was made sometimes in the 1700's. I will send it back . Then again i like to learn the history is a lesson the reserch all teaches. I hope you enjoyed this one the next one will say proof. The obverse is a view of the Soho Works . Legand, is Soho Manuufactury. Erected in 1764. The reverse is Kempson crest and Birmingham. Thanks i hope you enjoyed it Mike

03 May 2020

Something On Currency Obsolete And Legal Tender

Paper Money - United States | Mike

Hi everyone hope all is well. Today i decided to write a blog on currency. I will call them notes from now on. I thought since i saw the one in this months Coin World i would weite about that and some others .The note is obsolete. Not legal tendar anymore. These notes were used to help college students . They would get ten cents interest on the amount of the note. This is series 1873 from the first National Bank Gem Businesses College. I remember when i first weote about these notes Notre Dame was one college that used them. They were known as the Beehive note. Thats in the right hand corner. Washington and it appears ti be a young lady Now if this note was issued in 1861 you woukd be doing quite well. You see only two were made one in a museum and the other in the hands of a collector. Do not sell this note short in this high grade its wortyh allot of money. Not six digits but i have seen it under a thousand. . It depends on what site you find it on. They helped many students pay tuition. This is a beautiful design. George Washington on a note series Fr.39 1917. Go to any book and put that number in this note will come up. It was the last of the big notes. Notes came in all sizes. Now while doing my reserch on this note who signed it means allot. More money. This note was signed by Speelman and White. This comands a higher price. That and the high grade. Again different sites different prices. On the reverse there is writing on the right side. It tells.you its legal tender but also if you counterfit this note you will go to jail for 15 years. I wonder what it is now. But it was so popular thats why it was put on there. Many notes had different color seals on there note this one is red. I can still spend It I dont think so. The price of this note again depending on the site means how much its going for. The picture in the corner shows a group of pilgrams. Many notes espicially the early ones and notes from the south have wonderdul designs you might want to check them out. The final note is my favorite the Black Eagle another large note or horse blankets.This one is a Silver Certificate. That is written above The United States of America. This is series Fr.235m. 1899 mule . I looked for hours for the mule. My friend told me something about the plates and M. Burke. Well just before i started this i found its two diffent plates or the obverse an reverse. You would bring this note to the bank and they would give you a littke bottle with a black top full silver. I like that. . Now you get a bonus with this note you get Lincoln and Grant. Thats a double header.. The reverse also says Silver Certificate. Another mule on this coin would be a red star before the serial number top and bottom. Its graded 30 but it demands a high price in that grade. They were used heavely. Now this note was signed by Elliot and White it increases the amount its worth. Some sites they are worth allot espicialy the star. Its not a star note but was put on. If you find one prepair to spend some money. I had three notes but have more. There for later down the line. Please.were a mask. People are protesting against them. I told someone the other day . I said were is your mask i dont need one. I said leave a note for your mom explaing why you didnt were one. Stay well and were your mask and gloves if needed we will beat this thing but we have to do ,,,,,,,it together. Thanks Mike

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