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26 Jun 2020

The Aloha State The 50 State!

Medals | Mike

Well I hope everyone is ok. Hawaii what can you say is that I would.like to go. As you see in some of the pictures below the beauty is unreal. Like any other state they have good and bad sections. But the good is absolutely out of this world. It took over ten thousand years for nature to make these islands of beauty. The best part is it's still growing. It's the only state of the United States located in the Pacific Ocean.. It has 137 islands over 1500 miles.The word Hawaii simply means Hello. Can't get better than that.. The other islands besides the big ones are volcanic islands. The King of the main island was King Kamehameha spoken like this (Kah-May'-HA-May'-Ha). Now if you can say that your very good. The original settlements were made by the Polynesians.They were there for 2,000 years. They settled the islands back in 300 to 600 A.D.. To think these islands were totally uninhabited for millions of years. The Polynesians came from the Marquesas Islands. Hawaii is named after Hawaii's the legendary name of the Polynesian homeland. They had four major gods.Ku,Kanaloa,Lono,and Kane. They Island also had a mythology the, Menehune. They still argue weather these people existed or not. The first coinage was a one cent copper in 1847. It had a mintage of 100,000. That survived till 1900 when they took upon AMerican coinage. The medal itself is striking. It's rare because of a mistake in the spelling of one of the islands. Which I can see happing.. I put site lettering were the mistake is its right between the E in the and A in Aloha. The correct spelling wood be all the letters together. Niimau.. I hope you enjoyed this small blog on our 50th state. The state seal is very impresive. Just look at the detail. The medal is 64mms and 130g. made by the Metallic Art.

20 Jun 2020

Mega Red 6th Edition !!

Library | Mike

Well yesterday I received my copy of Mega Red.. I have them all since they started. I always find it fascinating the amount of articles they get into this book as well as the pictures and all our coinage. Now I have only a chance to glance at it for a few minutes. But I found out some prices on items that I'm glad I listened to a good friend of mine. He said Mike I will be able to buy the set of W quarters for 11.00. Well he wasn't far of. In a recent blog I said I had found three last year. I have to tell this. I was in the hospital last year and a young girl came by and asked if I would like a.danish. I said thank you how much she replied .75 cents. She put the change in the table. It was San Antonio W!!!! And it lit up the room. I did send it in and received a MS 67. A great price in the book. Now I said all along this program would fail. Not only finding them but prices. That was it. I sent one to my friend so I have a raw one and a slabed one. It's good to listen to friends. They were charging crazy prices for free coins.. I want to thank my friend for telling me to wait. I actually thought they would be higher. There are reasonable but only in ms 66 to 68. Very few 68. And the cost of sending them. In. But in also say if you want it go for it. We do buy what we like nothing wrong with that.. I'm not going over every price. This year the did the half dollar. I will be looking closely at them.I like the half dollar.. They have the so-called called.dollars. That looks interesting. But I was waiting for the half dollars all types and it looks like they didn't let me down.. There is nothing wrong with the regular Red book it has all the coins and references we need. You can take it to shows . I wouldn't recommend carrying the Mega Red anywhere. Both have there good points.. This years book has 1507 pages. That's allot. But I think it's worth it. I will compare last year's prices to this years. That's either fun or depressing. I hope for all its fun. I'm sure they will have some articles in looking for. I believe there are less this year simply because of the amount of half dollars that were made in the different series. I have enjoyed each one. Not because of prices but the information in it. Knowledge is power. Some of these coins I know some yns haven't seen them. Those who bought them will be surprised.

17 Jun 2020

Laura Garden Fraser Medal Proclaim Liberty

Medals | Mike

Hi hope is all well. Today I will attempt to write about a medal done by Lauren Garden Fraser. This will be hard for me. We have on this site an expert on L.G.F.. He has been published and has won many awards about L.G.F. I will tell you I'm not in that league but I own the medal and everyone should share anything done by this great woman. .She was born on September 14,1889 and passed away August13 ,1966. She was talented beyond her years. From coin, to medals and sculptures. . She made so many its impossible to list them all. She loved animals like dogs and horses. In 1930 i believe she was chosen because of her great work to design a medal for George Washington's two hundredth birthday. . The medal below is one of the originals. It shows wear and tear. . It's 75 mm and weighs 239.5g and is one eighth thick. This are my figures I may be off a bit. There was a re-strike of this medal in the 1970's. and is 56 mms long. Now the medal itself has George Washington on the obverse. Below that his standard now you might see under the bust of Washington the words Laura Garden Fraser. I put two small arrows so you can see it. The reverse has Lady Liberty . She's holding a torch in one hand and a sword in the other. The writing says "Proclaim Liberty Threw out The Land". It's a classic design. The accessing number is 32119. If you go to library of a gallery you would look that number up and find this medal. Also there are thirteen stars around the top. Now I told you about The medal. I called it a classic. So were her other works.. There is not enough room for her other famous works. It seems anything she touched was a success. I looked at her coins and medals. There fantastic. Now I said we have an expert on L.G.F. Gary i know wanted to do justice to the woman but it's a blog. I hope I satisfied those who never heard of her. There is a coin you might know.a so called dollar of General Douglas MacArthur. It's a popular coin done by her. All there is a lot. Gary i gave it the old college try. . I hope you learned something about the Greatest and most talented woman who ever created a medal ,coin or sculptures. There are not that many people that come around I in a lifetime. We were lucky to have her. Look up her works. You can use a book or Gary's Register site award wining. Thanks and stay well. Mike.

11 Jun 2020

The Four Hundredth Anniversary Of The Mayflower

Coins | Mike

Hi. Hope all of you are well. I saw this piece of bullion. . It caught my eyes right away. It's silver.999. 50g 70 mms . It's also proof and the mintage was 2020.the c.o.a. Is hand signed. But it was the beauty and the workmanship that sold it. It's curved so much.I couldn't believe it. It has a ship on it in color. The obverse has the Queen and a map of the ships voyage. I'm have trouble with my pictures bear with me.. The coin marks the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower. It was an historic journey to say the least. Crossing the Atlantic in storms and rough waters in a ship that was not made for passengers.. It sailed from the U.K. to the new world America. There were 102 passengers on board and thirty crew members.. They were all looking for religious freedom.. After the long rough journey they landed at Plymouth Rock. There is a Group called the most honered in the world. It's called The General Society of Mayflower Decendents.. G.S.M.D. They also made a replica of the ship they came over in. Next to the ship on the coin is a group of people waiting to get on. They couldn't wait.. They would become known as the Pilgrims. . Now today thirty million people can trace there heritage back to the 102 passengers and 30 crew members. Stunning.. That is a remarkable figure.. Some of the passengers came from Leden Holland. They was a colony here all ready . James Town settled in 1607. When they landed they met the first Americans. A tribe of Indians called The Wampanoag tribe. It took a while but they became friends and they did have the first thanksgiving.. After that the members of the Mayflower signed what was called the Mayflower pact. Giving them the right to settle and the land. When you think of everything that went on to get here there devotion and strength. My son when he was in school went to Plymouth Rock and saw the settlement. Yes it's still there and you can visit it in Massachusetts. I hope you enjoyed this piece of history because you might be a descendent. Thanks

06 Jun 2020

Medals Made By The U.S.Mint!!

Medals | Mike

I would like to start with a quote from General Dwight D Eisenhower. It has to do with today. And in some respect the medals pictured below. ' 'I Have Full Confidence In Your Courage Devotion To Duty And Skill In Battle.. We Will Accept Nothing Less Than Full Victory.' End Quote Now i was going to write a blog on D Day the different names for the beaches the allied troops involed all you would want to know. We know this it was the largest invasion ever . Land ,sea,and air. Heavy casualties on both sides . This we know. However my site will not allow me to let some important pictures. I posted the medals. The documents were not there and three pictures were not there. Now I picked up these medals that were made by the U.S.Mint! That's right these beauties were made when the mint out put some nice things. If you look at the statue of liberty medal you will learn that George Washington took his Inaugurations at the nation's capital. New York. That's right New York the buildings are in the History of Historic Sites. Liberty stands proudly with the skyline of N.Y. Behind her. Yes it was a gift from the French long before D-Day it represents the reason we fought in WWI and WWII. D-day was not a walk in the park. Great men and women were lost. The second medal of the Anniversary of the U.S. Navy shows a tall ship in the back round. Now the Marines would man these ships in time of battle. There uniform is very important. There have have a design on there hat. Why. They used to climb to the top of the sales and fire upon the enemy below. The design told them they were the marines were and not to shoot. There dress uniform still has it. The medal states in defense of rights and liberties.. I will write a blog on D-Day. Not today . Today was the day. I have a whole book with the numbers of the lost on both sides. Was it worth it absolutely. Other wise Hitler would of taken Britian. And who knows from there. D-Day and these medals.stand for one thing Freedom something we have forgotten about. Yes many have the lives. But the cost of freedom comes.high. That's why I chose these two. That and the fact I could not load the pictures i want. I hope you enjoy these. I like them allot.They tell our history and show.how.we got our freedom. I wrote a whole blog on D-Day but I'm glad I wrote this .these medals tell people what we paid for . Freedom. Remember our departed soldier's sailors and infantry and air men. But don't forget the allied.forces.. The Status of Liberty Medal was made by Frank Gasparro.!! Hal Reed designed the Navy Medal!!Enlarge pictures and read w hats on them. There not just words.

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