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29 Jul 2020


Coins | Mike

Antietam. The bloodiest day in American history.. 23,000 soldiers were killed wounded or missing. To think this happened in twelve hours. Savage combat on September 17, 1862 . Bloody but it lead Lincoln to write the the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION. This document meant freedom for all slaves. Now this battle is also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg. The General's were Robert E. Lee for the army of the south. . And General George B McClellan's army of the Potomac. Before.I go on Lincoln was not a fan of McClellan. He was relieved later in the war.. The battle finished the confederate army of North Virginia first invasion into the North had failed. There were many battles that decided the end to this day. Miller's corn field. The corn was higher that any man . Both sides entered from opposite ends.. They fired blindly in the other side tion. Soldiers said there heard shots to by there ears. Some never heard it. . Bodies just dropped filling the corn field with blood. The main battles Bloody Lane. They said at one point the blood was so deep it almost reached your ankles Sunken road again a blood bath. Burnside Bride were over 600 men lost their lives. There was an incline on the field in Sunken road. The confederate did not see the North until it was to late. I have been there. I would sit on a bench and read the huge brass plate describing the Battle and how many died there. You could here soldiers yelling. When I got to the Burnside Bridge I stood next to the Witness tree. At the time it was 175 years old An eastern Sycamore at the North end of the bridge.. It's loaded with bullets from there long rifles and guns.. The ground saturated with them. But don't take one it's against the law. This field is all Hollow ground. Many have tried to describe this battle. My professor in College. Book writers. I call it organized mayhem.. That's what it was. . There are many stories about heroes . To me every one who died of survived was a hero. . It was day in our history but it is our history.. Before I go they found a dead Oak witness yes at Gettysburg died from all the lead in the tree.. If those trees could talk. But they did watch. The coin was made in 1937.it's weight 12.5 grm 30.6 mm.900 silver and 100 copper. It was designed by William Marks Simpson. Made in Philadelphia. The mintage was 50,000 however 32,000 were returned and melted leaving 18000. That's a crime.. I hope you enjoyed this one day in our history and why it has to be fought. Thanks Mike P.S. Read up on this battle. There are books pages and pages maps you can't count. I think it's a must read.I

14 Jul 2020

Coin Break

Coins | Mike

Hi my friends. A few years ago I went through this ordeal. You can't find a coin that catches your eye and your not looking. The last time I consulted a friend on the site. He told me that all collectors go through this problem maybe a couple of times. You have blogs to write and share but you just don't bother. This is 27 year for me. I have gone through this just once before and it's happening again. . Some days you don't want to sign on. All of this is ok. I will come out of it just like one before. Remember we have lives outside of the hobby. This combined with continuing to handle your collection and balance your life is normal. . There is nothing wrong. I was told your brain is taking a break. From collecting. Mine the first time it lasted a month. That's not bad. Because you come back with a clearer understanding of your collecting. I'm about two weeks into this. I was told not to force it to come back. You will. I will. So if your going thru something like this let it run its course. You will get back. I will be back. I do answer questions people send me once in a while I read blogs. That's it. Your days of collecting are not over. When you do comeback it's with a clear head a new attitude and your back to normal. With the virus continuing it does add to it. No shows. Sometimes stores closed because people don't want to go out. All these things add up. Because I had this once before I noticed the same things happening to me. So I know what to do. Relax. Don't worry it will end and it gets better real fast. I'm hopping mine does. So if you have questions ask them. I'm still on the site but with no enthusiasm. It will be ok I will be back. So if you have gone through this. Don't worry. Relax. It's normal . It happens to all of us one time or another. Be strong this hobby believe it or not will help you come back. The last time I was just looking on ebay I saw a coin nothing big but I liked it . It was over. That was just a chance that i saw it but it worked for me. It can be anything that gets you back. You see this hobby is so great you never leave it . Your just taking a break. Take care and hang in there.. Mike

03 Jul 2020

Medal 1876 J . -CM-11 American Centennial Medal

Medals | Mike

This is a medal I wrote about two and a half years ago. Since then I found new information that was not included in the first one. I won this beautiful medal at Heritage House. No one was bidding. It was a big auction and no one saw it. It was a sleeper. So I put in a bid and woke up the next day and won!! I looked into when I first saw it. The J was the key it stood for R. Julian. He wrote a book called " Medals of The United States Mint The First Century 1792-1892" . That's a book I would like to see. So we were celebrating a 100 years. Countries sent exhibits Not to mention our own new inventions. Germany sent there new cannons I will get to others . First the medal. It was designed by William Barber. And put out by the mint. It's 58 mm by 2and a quarter in diameter. It's made of bronze . In this grade there are 24 higher. There were tokens handed out and other medals made. Some in sets. Now there were 7000 large bronze medals made 2,100large copper 583 white medals one gold I could not find the number of silver. There was a silver medal also. There were different designs They sold five medal sets. The obverse says 1876 in commerce the hundreds anniversary of American independence act of Congress 1874. The reverse shows liberty holding an unheated sword pointing to the 13 stars.. It reads 1776 these United Colonies all and of right to be free and independent states. As I said I found a list new inventions of the day well the bananas not an invention but was introduced. A Remington Type Writer. A mechanical calculator with a handel.and a Mono Rail. Yes you read that right. There is a picture of the canons and the Mono Rail. And now you had Heinz Ketchup.So you see we were not that far from becoming automated . We were advanced but not like some countries who had centuries on us. This great event was held in Pennsylvania were else would we celebrate. . Thousand attended there was food entertainment. They all had a great time. Imagine the banana who would of thought!! Enjoy on another note the grounds stood till 1954.

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