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21 Oct 2020

Lexington The Shot Heard Round The World 1925 Commen

Coins | Mike

Hi every one I hope your all safe and doing well. Now it took awhile to write this blog. I had a book on it and my wife threw it out! All of this is my recollection of the events. I did use the web for names that's it. Many will say that this was a small mix up between the British and the colonists. That is the when you look at the numbers. . Now General Gage was the governor of Boston and all of Massachusetts. If fact he was there to keep the rebels quiet. He had heard from his spies that Hancock and Addams were hidding in Lexigton. So he sent an army of Red coates to bring them back to Boston and destroy the colonists arms and ammunition. They arrived at Lexington at dawn on Wednesday April,19,1775. The British were led byLt. Col.Francis Smith and the colonists by Capitan John Parker.The British had approximately 240 regulars. The colonists know as the minute men had 77. Smith announced on the Lexington green to drop your weapons!. They did not want any trouble. They started to disperse there were 100 spectators there. And then history was made. A shot rang out that would change the world for the next eight years and the cost the lives of fifty thousand men.and women. The Shot Heard round the world. We had lost ten men and three injured. The British one wounded.

09 Oct 2020

1906 Pattern Double Eagle Private Issue Struck 2013 Gem Proof

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. They is the last of my Pattern coins. This one was done by Charles Barber. I think the obverse gives that away. Now this coin is the only one made.. It was made in gold. And when you see the reverse you will know why it was supposed to be destroyed. Since by a miracle it survived it is one of the most valuable pattern coin in existance. Now knowing somethings about Barbers personality it was his coins or no ones. He even had words with the President of the United States!!Now he designed this double eagle in a very quick time to beat out Saint Gaudins before he finished his.. Now Liberty's head has a Laurel Wreath and a Phrygan cap. It also has 13 stars. Now to the reverse. Please understand that the following is my own opinion on it. She is standing with a sword in her right hand guarding an eagle. She has a liberty cap on a pole in her left hand. Now down by the rest on both sides you will see the date 20 on one side and 09 in the other. That was the date of issue. It says United States of America double eagle.. Now behind I guess there arrows it says In God We Trust. Now take a good look at the reverse.. I think this is why it was rejected and ordered to be destroyed. . The woman in the reverse is sloppy. All she needs is a cigarette. She is way over weight. Now to the two headed eagle. Look quick that's what it looks like. It's about 50 times the size of a real eagle. I have seen pictures of the wing with the head of a dinosaur. I think she and the eagle are about the same size. I'm sorry if you like it that's fine with me. We all buy what we like. When I saw this I had to buy it. You always get the question what's the ugliest coin you have seen. Well this is my choice. I'm sorry I do own it and I write blogs on only coins I own. I had to write it but also give my true feelings. Barbers attitude with the President and the other designers comes out in this design. It is not one of beauty. I do not think the public would of used it. It's just a poor design. I never in 27 years have seen a coin like this. But it's worth a foutune. Only because it survived . Please do not attack me for my opiion. I have tried to like it but I can't find a wy. Take care and be well.

06 Oct 2020

Paul Revere Medal 1975

Medals | Mike

Hi my friends I hope you are all well. This blog starts of with Henry Wandsworth Longfellow. He wrote a sonnet back in 1860. Almost a hundred years after Paul Revere! We have herd the beginning of this many times in school. "Listen My Children and you Shall Here Of The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere." Who was Paul Revere. He was a patriot. He was an engraver, a silversmith. He had many tallents. He believed in freedom from England and was a member of the Sons of Liberty. He was born in January 1 ,1735. He passed on on May 10, 1818.at the be of 83. Now he is remembered for his famous ride.! But did it happen? It took place in April 18, 1775. He was warning Boston residents that the British were coming. He also participated in the Boston Tea party. Boarding a ship and tossing the tea into the water.. Now to his ride. He was supposed to warn John Hancock and Samuel Addams. He did not yell the British are coming. No he made noise so much to wake everyone.

01 Oct 2020

WW11 War , Notes Hawaii.

Odd & Curious Money | Mike

Hi I hope you all are well. How many times have you read a blog that says my grand father and grandma left this set of these coins? Well I'm 67 and just found out that my mom in law.and her friend left me currency and coins!. Now there have a special meaning for me and always will. There brown in color if the look light it's the flash. Also two gold seals.. Now these are older than the war. . They used 1935A notes. Two have a crease but that's fine. You see there not going to be graded. They feel silky. And in good shape. No pinholes in them. On the obverse they have two Hawaii in block letters at both ends. These are silver certs also. They made 204,000. Now I thought the President would authorize these. It was the Mayor. He was concerned about an invasion. That would devalue all the money On The islands. Now think about this.204,000 of these were made.when there was no indication of an invasion they had to destroy these. . They used the crematorium. That was to much. I believe the soldiers hoarded these before they were shipped to the sugar mill. That worked fine. That's why there are so many of these 204,000 left in great condition. Now these notes are older than the war!! So someone left me something . But the loss was two much. I have two gold notes which were use in North Africa.. You have to feel these to believe the feel of them. The coins were half dollar silver. I was told there is more coming.. I'm grateful to Anny and Vivian for leaving these to me. The first note has a big fold. The others small at the corners. So now I have some American History in my hands. Real history. Like the 50.00 note I got in a book. I will cherish these and keep them in plastic. I will preserve them like they were left to me. Now please.enlarge these and take a look at them. You never know who or were money will come to you. I'm very happy. Thank you all . Stay well be safe!!!

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