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17 Nov 2020


Coin Shows | Mike

Hi I watched the news today . I usually stay away away from it. But there is no doubt we are at war with an enemy we can't see.. And this enemy is winning by taking whole familes. Nine in one family. Yes the covid 19 is the biggest war we have fought. I say it every day at the end of a message be safe stay well. The positive thing about this war is we can win it. We're a mask don't shake hands stay in if you can. You think this is just another conspiracy.? Well it's far from it. When my mom in law hit her head. She of course had he be creamated. . My friend Pete who owns the funeral parlor said to me Mike I have done a years worth of business in two months!! Let people.who think this is a joke come here and watch my staff work from Sun up to Sun down.. This is not a flu. It's not a Spanish flu it's a new strain of a killer. I see people in the street there about 25 to 40 not wearing mask. Laughingly were all crazy. This is the age group killing us. I won't get it I have no problems. Well keep walking around like it's a normal day. There is nothing that's normal about this. I stay in . I go out for ten minutes and walk a half a block a week. I go over my coins. Watch old t.v. shows. do something. I'm in the danger age. I'm 67. I have many problems but I also have anaemia. That means my system is comprimised. I have a better chance than most of you being a causalityof this war. I repeat don't think because we're you live it won't find you it will. I had an encounter when someone was walking next to me no !ask. Yes I shot my mouth of. Sir would you kindly were a mask? No one tells me. I said I'm not telling you I'm asking you and I don't care about you I care about me. I stopped and let him go on. Nothing I'm telling you is new.people have become complacent. That's the problem. Everything was opening they thought it was over It's not. It's getting worse. If your not scared you better be. Yes we have something to fight this . Three companies have come out with a vacine. But to distribute it won't take a day. Months. This is were I would call up the National guard to help distribution the anti virus. But right now the light at the end of the tunnel is an on coming train.. That will change. So I ask all of you who are thinking of a big thanksgiving please cancel your plans. Put your pride in your pocket and stay home.. Forget the idea I'm not going to get this. You write blogs about shows. I' was ready to go to my first when this hit. Ask yourself this. Is your life worth the price of a coin? No it's not. When I checked the map this morning just put your neighbood in your browser . We're I live we are open. It has gone up. But it's still eating outside. Ten% of restaurants can open. Deliverys. That's the best if you didn't get to shop. Everyone I see except a few are keeping to the rules. Wearing a mask. Wow that's such a convenience I can't do that. Can you live with respirator down your throat. ? I chose a mask and washing hands. Is that to much to ask. Well if it is I wish you luck just stay the heck away from us. When this was announced I called in a favor and spoke to a high ranking official at the C.D.C. . His number did not come up on my screen. He said you Mike I said yes. I asked what are we up against ? Is this the flu. He replied this is hell and it's not the flu. How long .? Two years at the most That call scared me to death. I only told a few people on the site. . Why because they didn't know how to fight this.. Shows. Come on Broadway shows gone, sports gone, no one in the seats. Going to the movies gone. I will say it again. I feel terrible for those who lock up there tables and coins and travel all over the states. There income has been shattered because of this. What about those who have health problems and were looking to go to my first show. Yes it's affected our buying. The face to face meeting of a friend on the site. I want to talk without a mask . I waited this long.I can wait longer. That's why i wrote this. Those who go to small shows your only kidding yourself. It's small I won't get it. ..and We all have to do our part. We do that the numbers will drop the vaccine will be out and the best part I will meet you at the shows.!! The prices are going up everywhere with coins. Dealers ebay other internet sites.. I write this because I'm worried. I was upset when Mokie and his family had somerhing. Thank God it wasn't covid.19. Kids.mow.are getting it. It's like this thing is in the clouds and dropping all over us. Please follow.The simple steps and protect yourself and others.Mask wash hands and face and stay home. Soon you know it this will be over. The next few months will tell us how were doing. I felt Some one has to write this. It affects every part of our hobby. Even club meetings have been cancelled.!. Yes this is a matter of life and death. Stay safe,Stay well . Yes America wins again!! And the light at the end of a tunnel is not a coming train!!! We will win out. All we have to do follow the rules. That simple..Thanks . Stay safe and stay well!!

14 Nov 2020


Medals | Mike

Hi I hope.you are all well. When I read Gary's great blog about his service to this country and the wonderful job he did . I asked myself what other unknown hero's are out there. I found the one below. There is not much to say about it but it tells how everyday citizens served in there own neighbood. I found this on ebay and it speaks so loud of our country.I had to have it.

11 Nov 2020

Veterans Day Some Famous Quotes

Coins | Mike

Hi. I hope you are all well. Every year I write something on Veterans Day . Previously known as Armistice Day. No matter what I say I always leave something out. . I can't find the right words to say. But they have to be said. So I went to the net and picked these words from some Brave men and great men. One needs no words it says it all. So read them think about them. I can write for ever and not get it right. I will say this. To all Service Men and Woman and to those who gave the ultimate there lives thank you. God watch over them all. Please enlarge photo's.

02 Nov 2020

The Buffalo Nickel

Coins | Mike

Hi my friends. Hope everyone is safe and well. I figured I would write about a coin the James Earl Frazier wanted to be called America's coin. A coin that you looked at would tell you immediately were it came from. I think he achieved his desire. For the Buffalo or Indian coin as it's known does exactly that. If I was in Europe and received one of these I would know right away were it came from. Now Mr Frazier was known for many items. Statues and medals. His most famous statue was the "End Of The Line". When you see that you know immediately who made it. I decided to put pictures up of all the players that were important to the making of this coin. Yes I collect them. The 1938 D is probably one that grades high. Why it was hoarded. Everyone knew that it was ending so they got as many as they could. Now I couldn't do that. But passing by a jeweler in my neighborhood I saw one in the case and it had different coins. The bottom shelf I was it. It was beautiful. A nice gold hue on it. I asked how much? He replied ten dollars. I said I believe seven. Sold.. I knew it was in great shape in it went and came back a MS 67. I was very happy. Now this is a series that is still collected today. The variety one and two of 1913 come in good condition. I believe this was because of the great respect for this coin. Think of it for a second. It has all the elements of America's coin. Three original Americans were used for the obverse and if course Black Diamond. To think this animal was almost hunted to existence by the Americans who came here to settle. They used there them for coates there horns for decarations. The original Americans used every part but for survival. They are the meat. Used the bones in ceremonies . Remember they lived in the plains and it was very cold. Some of the bigger bones were used to help there Tee Pe to stand. They wasted nothing. The settlers only coates. So Mr. Frazier did what he wanted to do. He did create America's coin in every sense of the word. I hope I put the rumors to rest that Black Diamond was in N.Y. Central Park Zoo. Not the Bronx Zoo. The picture has buildings behind it. When I went to the Zoo I would see them outside Central Park.BY the way one of the Indians Chief John Big Tree became an actor in the movies. He was in about 60 of them. Two you would know She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and Stage Coach. Two of my favorites. Two write the other Indians biography would take another blog. I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks. Mike.

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