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13 Apr 2020

Bishops Gate D&H 651 Middlesex Britain.

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Hi everyone. I hope your all doing well during this terrible time. Im writing today on a token called Bishops Gate. First the token. Its 11.51grms and 29 mm. The Obverse states Bishops Gate Built 1733. The reverse has a cypher PSCo. The reverse states Dedicated To Collectors Medals And Coins.. Its a wonderful token with a rich history.
It goes back to the Romans. It was rebuilt in 1471. You have to love the records that the Brutish kept.its amazing. A group of people called The Hansa Merchants did the rebuilding. Now the gate was put up with numirious gates to protect the city an allow visitors and merchants to the town known as Bishops Gate. This is in the east end of England because of this it survied the Great Fire of London. The gate was divived into two. . Bishops gate without and in. This meant ouside the walls of the Gate and the inside. I was born in Ireland and Baptized in Holy Trinty Without. Out side the walls of Waterford.
It was completed in 1733. The token was made.after that but no date is on it. This is common it was made duding the middle of the 1700's.. Now a little of some of the places Bishops Gate was Know for. It had some of the oldest and most famous public houses or bars as we know them.One in particular was the London Tavern. This stood from 1768-1876. It was demolished and re-ericted as theold.Crosby Hall which at one time was the residance of Richard the III and St. Thomas Moore.
There was a bad time in this modern age. On April 24,1993 Bishops Gate suffered massive destruction April 24 was the Anniversary of the Easter Uprising. Now understand this. I am aware of what goes on in the land of my birth Ireland. On that day the I.R.A. Called the British station police and Army. They gave a five digit code that verify that its the I.R.A. They then continue to name the place ,time,and size of the explosive. However during this time the British would not respond to the message and allowed the truck bomb to go of causing one death and 40 injured. One million pounds in damage. The sad part no one had to suffer. The British decided to turn public opinion against them. Great idea. It back fired. They did it a few times and the public was upset at both but mainly the procters they had the time place and plenty of time to disarm So there you have it the Readers Digest version of Bishops Gate and its town. Rich in history. Every coin and token tells a story. The British and Romans were remarkable in there history. If i did anymore research i probably could get the blue prints. Stay inside stay healthy family first.

P.S. Kindly enlarge the photo that shows Bishops.Gate!

Excuse the some bluryness im only human and i shake at the wrong time.



Level 5

Love learning from you, Mike - thanks for sharing! You and Jerry Bobbe are my absolute go-to guys when it comes to anything related to Conder tokens. -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator


Level 5

Glad to see you are writing about tokens again. I enjoyed reading this as always. Hope you are doing well.


Level 6

Cool blog! You would have made a great history teacher! ; ) Thanks for sharing another beautiful token!


Level 6

Beautiful token Mike, and the history behind it is fascinating.


Level 6

Beautiful token Mike. Yours all are in amazing shape. I love the history lessons you give up. The Troubles were a terrible time for your homeland. It is easy to understand the meaning of the slogan "No Justice No Peace". Thanks..


Level 5

Would love to visit some old bars at Bishop Gate area ! I love going into old buildings or taverns and looking at the surroundings. Thinking of what people came through the doors. A lot of history from your homeland. Very interesting. thanks.

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