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10 Jan 2020

Cardinal Thomas Worsley D&H 10. One Penny

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Who Was Cardinal Thomas Worsley? Well he was a very educated man. He received his degree at Oxford in 1530 at the age of 15.. Now this is not a repost. It's been a while I think it fell off. And we have new members. This is a Conder Token of the Cardinal. Some of you have heard about him in the T.V. series The Tudors . First don't believe everything you see in the movies. Remember that. He was Archbishop of York, and Chancellor of England to King Henry the VIII. One of my favorites. Not really. Worsley held many titles. He built many beautiful homes and castles. He was born in Ipswich in 1473.. His claim to fame was the Chancellor simply because he had the ear of Henry and he basically ruled England. King Henry and Worsley were the best of friends. Did he take a few pounds for himself.? What Chancellor didn't but one. Saint Thomas Moore. Also best of friends with the King. For that he had his head cut off. Not really he would not join the Church of England. King Henry's church.

He had many riches land many homes. Now I said don't believe what you see in the movies or T.V. shows. In the Tudors King Henry turns against Worsley. Has him out in the tower of London and commits suicide. Far from the truth. Yes he was arrested because he did not get the divorce for his King. The Pope turned him down. Worsley argued that if the Pope granted this England would remain Catholic.. The Pope has grandfather them before. On his journey to hear his charges he came down with dysentery and passed on in Leicester at the age of 57.

The British are known for their record keeping. He was surrounded by his supporters at his death and spoke his final words"I see the matter against me how it is framed.But if I had served God so diligently as I have the King maybe he would not have given me the gray hairs". Then he passed. He was accused of everything but never convicted of anything. The King cried at the news of his death..

He was born in Ipswich the same town as Conder the man who started cataloguing these wonderful tokens. So in this day and age instead of making movies of non fiction than fiction they distort history.. Now the light was working when I received it and you can see we have one now without the lamp.I wanted you to see the token as it is today red brown and still looks like the raw token. And in the light you can see the great detail. As a matter of fact Conder had a statue of him made. The reverse shows Worsly's gate at Ipswich. The gate was built in his memory and to protect the city.
Now I haven't done a blog on Conder tokens for a long time. Once in a while I will post a blog on some you may like. Thanks.Mike



Level 7

This blog and research should of had more comments. It's just not my blogs but others. Let's read and learn. Knowledge is power. This is how.we learn . We learn from comments also. How.many of you know about conder tokens? I thought so. When you go to a show and you want to show dealers how much you know. What will you say when you get to these famous tokens? I thought so.


Level 5

Nice blog. Great looking token.


Level 6

I saw of that show. It is a good show but, sadly, not historically accurate. That is too bad as the real stories are fascinating, like this token. Beautiful done Mike. I love seeing your name on these. The details are amazing. Thanks for the great blog..


Level 6

I have not seen the Tudors nor am I very well versed in history but your blog has provided me a great deal of knowledge. Thank You for a great blog. That Conder is particularly well done and the detail in the engraving is typically fantastic for the series.

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