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23 Nov 2022

Civil War Tokens Part Three

Tokens | Mike

Hi everyone hope all is well. This is the last part of the civil war tokens. These tokens are slabbed . Now that's because some are a rare six,five and a four. Also as I stated in part two a rarity 1 graded a MS 63 means more money. It can get you close to two hundred dollars.

...Now that depends on the token what kind of metal they used and they used all the metals except gold. You might get a token with gold overlay. But I'm talking from copper to tin.If a different metal was used lets say brass there will be a letter that stands for brass.Metal can mean a rarity 1 to a 10.!!!

Some of these were made by a man named Seigel . Now you would know that because he would put his name under the design of the obverse. One that comes to mind is The Hero Of Pea Ridge. That is posted in part two.

.As I nave stated I'm currently in an auction of Steve Hayden. He has one of the best collections any ones has seen. Now I checked some more and with plenty of time left the prices on the various of tokens have gone sky high .. The rarity tens are already in the thousands of dollars. I don't mean A thousand many thousands.. The token Alden & Frink is the only token made for that town!!

I also believe Q.David Bowers has a terrific collection. Now back in the day. Collector's would sell there collection's whole and for a very cheap price. Collector s have bought two hundred tokens for cents on the dollar they would pay twenty dollars and get a hundred tokens. Its was a mixture of rarity one to ten.

...Steve Hayden has been having auctions for as long as I can remember. Those days are long gone. Now the tokens in the books are listed with the political first and then the store cards (tokens). The ones in the political section are listed by the first number. Lets say 234/ 123. You go to 234 and you see the token. Now the store cards are listed by state. Your token will have N.Y. The they start in Buffalo and go done the state to the end. Every city is included.

...So you live in Buffalo. Go to Buffalo . Now on the reverse it has the store name. There listed in order from A to Z. You have found your token. So its not that hard. The back of the book will have some currency and the stamp tokens. The command a very nice Price. So I believe we covered enough information in case up you're interested and want to start collection these wonderful pieces of our history. You hold it in your hand. One of the soldiers owned them. The stores had them made so you would shop there. They would have the store in different parts of the state. I hope you enjoyed this small taste of history that you can own for a very good price. And the designs the people on them. Thanks for taking a look. Mike

The numbers I put on are not rarity numbers I have so many I had to number the obverse and reverse!!

..The first Token is a rarity 6. The next one with a safe is a two..The third one is a rarity one.The reverse has a snake and says Beware!



Level 6

Beautiful collection! I love these old Civil War Tokens! Q. David Bowers did have an extensive collection however I believe he has sold most of his collection in the past year or two. Nice blog Mike! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

As a fellow collector of these, it was nice to see you simplify the numbering system and some what clarify the difference between a token and store card. I have both of the Fuld books, Patriotic Civil War Tokens and U.S. Civil War Store Cards. I highly recommend the books to anyone looking beyond one or two specimens. Well done blog as usual on a great topic.

Doug S.

Level 4

Mike, Great blog. I have an interest in the Civil War so I`ll be checking on getting a few of these tokens!They will fit right in with my historical interests. Don't have any tokens at all so it will be something new for me. Regards Doug


Level 5

The time it takes to learn and collect them is amazing. Great job!


Level 5

Your civil war tokens are fantastic. Love the designs you have. Wish I would of collected them. Maybe I can find a snake or a safe, or a flag design? Or all three ! Thanks for the civil war token series. You can always do a part 4 !!


Level 7

The safe is a safe company. This is what they chose to sell the reverse with the snake is political. Remember the flag Don't Thred on me!!There are lots of different flag tokens


Level 4

Great series of blogs, they have helped me understand a LOT more of what Civil War Token collecting is about!


Level 6

Nice series of blogs on Civil War Token. Quite of bit of history behind these tokens.


Level 6

Great blog. Those are some very nice tokens. You make me want to start collecting them again. Enjoyed the read. Thanks Mike.

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