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15 Nov 2018

Gremlins!!!! Help . Please.

Coins | Mike

Hello my friends. I'm sorry I haven't shared any coins or tokens. It seems that my pictures will not upload with the blog. To not have a picture and try to describe it is impossible. We all know one time or another we have asked the writer for a picture. This has been going on now for day's.Yesterday  I spent an hour with my teck people and they said my device is working just fine no virus no garbage because I clean it. So they suggested I load the ANA to my phone a completely separate device download my pictures to it also. This I did. I then tried to load a picture I received the same results. So it's not at my end it's been proven. 
     The message reads image to large well that's impossible I shot with 1.1 and 1.2 mp. You can't shoot lower than that. Also all the pictures I tried to load were loaded before with no problems. So I sent an email to member services. There very good and very helpful. Not this time and I'm very upset. This problem happened a year ago and was fixed in a day. My fear is there giving up. I didn't they can't. I told them how important pictures are to a blog. How every coin or token tells a story. Now I can't do that. Every picture of every coin and token and medals I own. I don't take pictures from a book and say I own this. It's not fair to you and not fair to me. If they want i will sit here everyday and  read old blogs. That's pointing people do that for points and I have complained about it those following people not here. But if the ANA doesn't care i will become a pointer instead of doing things the right and proper way. I can no longer share with you I can't tell the history of it since you can't see it. YOU KNOW THOSE WHO READ OLD BLOGS FOR POINTS AND THINK NO ONE KNOWS WE ALL KNOW ( message)
     I will continue to remind them I have the same rights as everyone else. I don't believe in this day and age when election are supposed to be hacked the C.I.A.Twitter and all the social media have had problems and are fixed. This is a single event not a major breakdown. If I sound upset I am. I have even set up a new blog with new pictures with the same result. Now if it's not my device and not my phone two completely different items then the situation has been proved. It's at the teck center the ANA uses. Now I'm not condemning our tech's there the best. I always recommend people who have problems to them and they take care of it. I know that in the future this will be fixed. I have complete faith in them. They work for the best organization in the world concerning coins. I am reaching out to them to keep trying.  I don't want to do that underhanded pointing everyone knows I hate with every bone in my body. They get a free ride and I have worked so hard to share with you many comments are great shot Mike. I can see this or that. I want to continue to learn that's why I'm here so I begging you guys please fix this problem please. I'm disabled the ANA has helped me in so many ways most of you know I have to keep my mind active or I won't have one. Sad but true. So learning and sharing is why we are here. I can't live on a one way street. If you have a problem they will help you. I have never had a problem like this for so long. Before my injury in did programming for a very important company. I know anything can be fixed or 're- written  so help me don't give up. If you do I will have to. That would kill me. I help alot of yn's how can I help them now. Or anyone. I have faith you guys can figure this out. I look forward to it so thank you for your past help and I'm rooting for you. I know it can be fixed. Thanks for everything. By the way when I sign  on I check everything I started with certain points and did n o t receive the points I did for a blog I forgot a certain comment. Don't tell me it's spreading. When was the last time you saw one of my blogs without pictures? The last blog that no one cares about our veterans I was surprised no one commented on such an important issue. It was that blog when I was loading the commens that I lost everything. Thanks everyone.. Mike.



Level 2

Hi Mike, I'm sorry you're having trouble getting the photos to work for your blog post. Can you email me at amiller@money.org and I'll see if I can help.


Level 6

This web site is really messed up now. They launched their new blog thing. i don't know what it is supposed to do. All it has done for me is make a new browser open up each time I click on to view a new blog..That's a lot of memory after a while. I am going to call and find out what is going on with that and Mike. They have silenced a member. Are you next?? Sounds crazy till it's you. Mike is a big provider to these blogs. Would you know or enjoy old English tokens without him? I wouldn't. Call everyone.. Thanks for letting us know about this stupid problem..


Level 4

This website is a mess. The message board is a confused mess, and the content is mostly stale. Everyone seems to hide out here. Although I’m still not clear on why reading old blogs is bad, I’ve had issues with the pictures loading as well. I got one to go through a bout a week ago, but I gave up on at least two or three. Most posts are useless without pics, as they say. In any case, the site itself doesn’t seem to be heavily used. For instance, I don’t remember what it is right now but when I saw my ranking I almost fell through the floor, since I haven’t been posting long. It may be that and budget issues. Personally, between The Numismatist and a hoped-for improved online experience, I’m happy as a clam. I don’t do seminars and have been to one ANA convention in the last 15 years. As a life member, I could probably try a little harder myself, but when you’re met with indifference long enough it begins to get old. Ok enough out of me. Jim


Level 6

Sorry your'e having "technical" difficulties... What a nightmare. I hate electronics... haha ; )


Level 6

Good luck

I am having some problems with them as well, an it seems as though they have given up on this subject. Keep going, and hopefully they will resolve it soon, although it is getting to the holidays.


Level 6

Hope you get this resolved. Keep at it


Level 6

Keeping my fingers crossed, Mike. So far so good with my uploads. I hope you get resolution very soon.

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