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21 Oct 2020

Lexington The Shot Heard Round The World 1925 Commen

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Hi every one I hope your all safe and doing well. Now it took awhile to write this blog. I had a book on it and my wife threw it out! All of this is my recollection of the events. I did use the web for names that's it.

Many will say that this was a small mix up between the British and the colonists. That is the when you look at the numbers. . Now General Gage was the governor of Boston and all of Massachusetts. If fact he was there to keep the rebels quiet. He had heard from his spies that Hancock and Addams were hidding in Lexigton. So he sent an army of Red coates to bring them back to Boston and destroy the colonists arms and ammunition.

They arrived at Lexington at dawn on Wednesday April,19,1775. The British were led byLt. Col.Francis Smith and the colonists by Capitan John Parker.The British had approximately 240 regulars. The colonists know as the minute men had 77. Smith announced on the Lexington green to drop your weapons!. They did not want any trouble. They started to disperse there were 100 spectators there. And then history was made. A shot rang out that would change the world for the next eight years and the cost the lives of fifty thousand men.and women. The Shot Heard round the world. We had lost ten men and three injured. The British one wounded.

Now they started to burn the town and three cannons that led the people of Concord know that this was it. Men came from all over. By the time the British had arrived at Concord some say 400 minute men had arrived from all over. This would be different. The British had sent for reinforcements. Shots rang out and the British were at a disadvantage. They started to fall back. But the minute men kept following them shooting from behind trees and busses homes walls. It was the first battle of guerilla warfare.

The had suffered many casualties. They never expected this type of battle. They suffered 73 killed 174 wounded 26 missing. One of the generals said " Who Ever Looks Upon The Rebels as an Irregular Mob Will Be Much Mistaking ". So these to small battles the one shot. Started it all. The fight to be free started by an unknown shot brought the thirteen colonies on a battle for independence from the mighty British empire.

The coin was designed by Chester Beach. The old tower in Lexington and it say sesquicentennial . A minute Man stands ready.it weighs 12.5 gem 30.61 mm. Thickness is 2.15 mm. It's 90% silver 10% copper. Mintage was 162.000. Actually less than that some melting went on.. I hope.You enjoyed this small blog but a most historical blog about how we fought an enemy 3000 miles away and a thousand times more powerful. Enjoy be safe stay well

PLEASE ENLARGE PICTURES!! ....There was a movie made in 1988 called April Morning. Staring




Level 4

Neat history lesson behind the coin. Your story brings the history to life.


Level 5

Those minutemen were pretty gutsy guys! I love history, and I love classic commemoratives!


Level 5

My wife and I are both history nuts and this is one of our favorite periods of history. Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

Awesome history. Like to read about those days. I need to acquire a couple more of the old commemorative coins. The old commemorative coins have low mintages and are usually obtainable at a reasonable price. Need a Lexington for my collection!


Level 6

Beautiful coin. I like the toning on it. Fantastic history lesson. I can't imagine fighting in the British style. Stand there a suck up balls and calmly return fire. I am much more of a sneaky sniper. I mean long range tactical accurate shooting..


Level 5

Nice commemorative! I (being a history geek) love all things related to this tragic incident. Our country wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that shot. I will look into this and maybe get one one day. Cheers, NM


Level 6

Those brave men an boys that faced off against the British at Lexington then Concord did literally fire the shots heard around the world. From those shots a new nation and a new way of governance arose. As we approach our 250th birthday, I think it is important that we think back to those brave Minute Men, grab our favorite drink, and toast their bravery. I am going to raise my Turner's Ice Tea!!!

I love your commems!One of our nation's most important days, without these minutemen, we might not have had an America.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Even out here in the woods ANA is here for me enjoy blogs like this one. I didn't know the names or the battle report, thanks for teaching me!


Level 6

Enjoyed your blog ; ) Real history! Loved the photos! Thanks Mike


Level 6

I like your research and how you bring the story to the blog. Nice work.


Level 5

I really like that coin MikeB ! I also love the history behind it ! Thanks for posting. Brings back fond memories of Coach Osborne in Jr. High school teaching his history class!


Level 5

The Guerilla war was later used to the advantage of the Colonial Army in the South. As a matter of fact, after being trounced by the British Army in a couple of battles, it was proven the militia would not stand for long. The result of this was an order to fire three volleys and then "Retire the field of battle", the few regulars available in the south would step in and fire volleys after the militia retired, thereby covering their withdrawal, this became an effective tactic and led to a couple of small to medium victories against the British Regulars in the field toward the end of the war. Great Blog Mike, thanks for that. I love the coin as well. Later!

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