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02 Jan 2020

Oh To Turn Back The Clock!!

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. Well I have been thinking about how I got my start in this wonderful hobby. Yes It was not the way I wanted but I dozed off and had a dream on how I would of collected coins. I would be young. And the cents would of caught my eye. Actually this is not a dream. I wish i stated early. About seventeen or so. I had just landed my job that would take me places I never dreamed I would go. The salary was good. Great. When I moved up fast. I had no idea about coins. Now young i would of been exposed to this great hobby. I wish as my salary grew so would my collection. I am envious of the yn's. They have there whole life in front of them. Oh to turn back the clock. I would read and at the age of twenty I would of absorbed what I needed to succeed in this hobby.

When I think of the accident was that good or bad. Good i got into the hobby but way to late. My salary was gone limited me to what I could buy.. Raise a family and collect paying the bills. Delay my dementia at home for a while. But I was in I jumped in. I was going to do this. How many of you wish you started at a young age? Let's say seventeen what you do?. I had to be careful . One bounced check my wife would of bounced me. Budget. That was the key to a wonderful set a collection i could be proud of.. What to collect. My neurosurgeons said start in the beginning. Cents . So i did. But i was still frustrated I couldn't buy this coin or that coin. My first as I said was a commen Antitium. I cherish that coin.

To start young have my job that's the way. But no one told me. I didn't know any collectors so i didn't miss it. I miss that early start so much.to have a fifteen year start from my accident. If I still had my job my salary my health. Wow what i could of done. But in spite of all that i succeeded. I have a wonderful collection. Wonderful coins. I only bought what I liked not what every one else did. I was lucky with many sets . Completed many. Some slabed some in Dansco books.
But i still missed out on the early coins. Many gone now or to expensive. To be young to know about this thing called coin collecting.. Don't let it happen to others. Spread the word that there is this wonderful hobby loaded with history and joy. Yes joy. Every parent wants to see there children succeed. Leave them something when your gone. I have done that. Yes I'm beat up in so many ways. But I didn't let it stop me. Why?. Because no matter when you start no matter when it is. It's about the family and the kids. We enjoy now what we have accomplished and get to have our family and kids enjoy it. Every coin I get and I have two beautiful tokens coming i explain It to them . The history the die sinker. Why he or she made it.
To sum up. It doesn't matter when you find out about this wonderful hobby . Just as long as you find out about it. That's what it comes down to. Spread the word to your friends the kids in school the people at work . They will thank you. And i would like to say thank you. I made it to this great hobby. Mike



Level 5

Started early with paper routes where I had to go door to door to collect the weekly payments. Trouble is that no one ever told me to collect coins of condition or rarity. I just filled Whitman folders.

Those Dansco books bring back a lot of memories. To me, the best thing about the Statehood and National Park quarter series is buying a cardboard coin folder and filling it up again. Haven't done that since the early 1970's.


Level 6

I wish I had been born 5 years earlier so when I started at age 10, it would have been 1963. (:


Level 5

I enjoy sharing the history related to the hobby.


Level 6

I think back to the big silver dollars my grandparents gave me and wish I used them to start an interest in our hobby. Nope. Spent them fast. How many fresh mint 1955 DDO cents went through my hand. The list is almost endless. I'm not that old and There are a ton of rare coins I could have pulled from pocket change. The same is true today. Who knows what the new rarities will be. Thanks.


Level 5

I found this hobby as a teen and have never stopped loving it. Well, the United States Navy and my young family changed my priorities but at least in every country I visited I collected their circulating coinage. When my kids got older and my paychecks larger I got back in full swing and collected with a vengeance. In the end, what was really important to me in this hobby is when I started and the younger the better. The seed was planted and is now some 40+ years later bearing fruit.

I am fortunate to have found out about this great hobby at the age of 7. I have attempted to make collectors out of my friends and a few of them started collecting which is great. Thanks for the blog

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