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05 Jan 2020

One Set Finished Another One Starts?

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Well those of us who collected the first Eagle Set now have a new one coming . This will be all pure silver with a new reverse. I will not be around for this one. Not thirty years anyway. What this does is continues the mint it's steady cash flow without missing a beat. Since this is made from pure silver will the price of the first one drop?. I know the starting price will be above the regular price but they will level off.
Now this starts in 2021. So take your age of starting the first set . Add it and assume it will go just as long. I would say you have a chance of both sets of you started in 1986 to 2020 thats 34 years. To go another 34 years will make you 68 years old. I'm 66 now. I don't have a chance. It is the best selling coin the mint put out. The new set of course will have the sub sets like happy birthday congratulations burneshed. And anniversary coins. Different finishes reverse proofs and everything you saw in the first set.
So if your a yn. You get to buy both sets. If your my age one set. And maybe some special coins But who knows what they have planned for this set?.There has to be special coins. I think the burnished will continue. But will they celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the The Silver Eagle? I can see thirty thousand being sold for that one if they do it. There are so many variables with the change in the design. I really am only speculating about the whole thing.what if they continue it as one set will it be The Silver Eagle Set just one? I think we're in for allot of surprises. No one knows for sure. Maybe they will only do this ten years or the fiftieth anniversary. Some coins have changed the reverse and the set remained the same. Will that happen?
What are your thoughts on the change of the most sold coin from the mint.? Please think outside the box. I did. Nothing I said is written in stone. I'm not even sure this is a new set.? What do you think and how long should it run. Let us know.. Thanks Mike.



Level 7

Watching Rick Tomaska he referred to the current set of Eagles that ends in 2021 as an end to an era I was in and out but I'm sure he said that Mercanti was calling it. He has had a brilliant carrier.


Level 5

It appears the Government is less motivated to change the design of our money let alone publicize those designs for fear of backlash from so many people (not collectors) that just will not agree with anyone else! I would love to see fresh new designs more often and certainly like Mokie stated bring back those original designs for everyone to enjoy!

I always though the Liberty Walking obverse never really went with the reverse. Hopefully the new design won't be another mis-match. But bring on something new, Canada changes the Maple Leaf a lot more and they still sell well.


Level 6

Truly, I'm not convinced this will even happen. It's a big deal and there hasn't been that much talk about it. Shouldn't we be seeing some ideas for the new reverse? I have been hearing about the reverse being changed for years. Anyhow, A friend and I were discussing whether this will be a type/version 2 of the SAE or an entire new version? I just can't think like the mint. I say no limits on anything. Do you job and supply collectors coins, not rarities. I could be wrong. Just my opinion.


Level 5

Changing designs after 30+ years is not that much of a big deal to me. If they end up doing what Mokie is suggesting minus the 30K, I say bring it on. The transition year will not be pretty but at some point, it is impossible for a collector of modest means to collect all the varieties that I am sure will be offered in the foreseeable future. Perhaps a year set of one type will be a nice and inexpensive way to collect silver eagles.


Level 6

I am kind of looking forward to the new reverse designs, I hope they do a new one every year with a 250th birthday theme through 2026. Maybe even reproduce the old eagle designs on a rotating basis, I would love to see the Mint reproduce the original scrawny Eagle from 1794 and all the eagles since. Lots of possibilities, just don't make only 30K and screw over the true collectors again.

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