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01 Dec 2021


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Hi! I hope all is well. The attack on Pearl Harbour just didn't happen. The Emperor of Japan didn't wake up in the sixth of December and decide to attack Pearl. This sneak attack was planned a full year before. Now We had received notice of an impending attack. It was misplaced. . The American Ambassador was negotiating with the Ambassadors of the Empire of Japan.

.Both parties knew in advance these talks would breakdown.. During this time Admiral Isoroku Fleet,had sailed under Admiral Yamamoto.. He sailed with six aircraft carriers and 24 support ships.When they left there destination in the Pacific out of our range but there planes in range they were ready to attack a neutral country during the war.

.The Japanese attacked Pearl in Honolulu Oahu. This operation was called A.L. Now the planes attacked 353 aircraft including 2 fighters,and dive bombers and torpedo planes.They attacked in two waves. Pearl was devastated 8 battleships all damaged 4 sunk and a total of 3,435 lives. Also light cruisers 4 miscellaneous ships and 188 planes.

...The Arizona was sunk. What is not widely known is13 sets of brothers died on that ship with there shipmates.Now Pearl is only 45 feet deep. You can see the Arizona in whole from the sky. It was made a memorial in honor of the 1,170 men lost. It was made a memorial on 5/30/1962. Built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and commissioned 10/17/1936.

...There were many hero's those who died and those who lived. One in particular stands out. Doris Miller. His shipmates called him Dori. He was a mess attendant second class. When the attack started he made his way to the bridge. Got behind an anti aircraft gun and started shooting. He took down a few planes. His captain of the Battleship West Virginia also was taken care of as was some other wounded was taken to safety by Miller.. He never had any training on that gun.

....Admiral Nimitz awarded Miller the the Navy Cross. He was transferred to the Liscome Bay an escort air craft carrier. It was torpedo in the Gilbert Islands and he was killed.. He was also honored in the movie Tora Tora ,Tora. And a coin was issued with him at the anti aircraft's gun..

Now a Frigate the U.S.S. Miller was commissioned on 6/30/1963. But the best is yet to come. The Navy Department released a press statement saying that an Aircraft Carrier is being built now as this is being written and will be named in his honor. The first Black American ever. This is truly an Honor. I look forward to the day when this mighty aircraft carrier takes to the seas. It will have so much updated new technology. And will be the largest in our fleet. We are all proud of those who lived and died that day including civilans. And also a great brave man who died so young defending our country. Like any other sailor! I hope you enjoyed this..

The picture below of a Japanese bomber release g a bomb on Pearl was taken from Japanese archives of that day enlarge them. I like the Arizona Memorial. A drop of oil comes to the surface They say it's from the souls of those who lost their lives. I believe this. Thanks Mike.!

Sources: My studies in college . I did have to look up some dates I had forgotten.Britannica.

........Please enlarge the pictures..



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I have heard of Doris Miller but did not know about all that!


Level 4

That was an amazing story, thanks for the content.


Level 3

Thanks for sharing Mike, this is great. I've been to the USS Arizona Memorial, it's beautifully humbling and a fantastic monument to those who gave their lives. Longstrider is right though, it was an amazing screw up on our part.

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Remember that for years great blog ¡wooow ! Great coins and story for life to veteran memorial .


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We shall always remember those great men who sacrificed their lives for the benefit of Americans.


Level 6

Great blog Mike! Really enjoyed it along with the photos! ; )


Level 6

Amazing screw up on our part. Great photos Mike. This story can't be told too much. Is it even taught in schools any more? Thanks.

Good history.


Level 5

Great post Mike! Informative and nice coins also. Thanks for sharing!

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