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29 Jun 2022

Pirates from The Elemental Mint 2016

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. Hope all is well with everyone. Well I have been going through inventory. I came across this complete set of Privateers. This series was done in 2016 and my friend Long strider pointed them out to me. Now as a kid I was fascinated with Pirates and there treasure so when I saw this I decided to buy them. They came out one at a time. There are seven in the set.

Now all these coins are two ounces and made of .9999 silver with high relief.They are 40.7 m and 6.87 m thick. Now on top of all that they are all high relief and the detail is remarkably done well. They tell some of the stories that sailors and pirates told while they sailed. We have all herd of the Mermaid or Siren singing her beautiful music as the ships went by trying to lure the ships.

Walking the plank. An oldie but goodie I think I have seen that in many movies. The one who put him on the plank was of course the Capitian. And we all know about the great white whale. I mean they covered some of the basis we know about Pirates. The one I did not know was the serpent. Otherwise know as the Frankin. This goes back to the days of the Viking lore as they conquered country after country.

And what it comes down to is Davey Jones Locker. When the mighty ship is sunk. All hands lost the Capitan is on all the obverses. The most dangerous was the storm. Today ships have been found with billions of dollars it gold and silver. Some were transporting it others were stealing it. They are still searched for today. And being found.

Now when I bought these they were very reasonable. I mean in the 56.00 range. Searching the net I found some companies offering to buy these from you. Why? I have seen certain ones selling for 165.00. I usually do not put prices in my blog. Other searches showed companies selling two or three. The mintages I believe did not go over 60,000. Another drawing factor.

Now my childhood fun is treasure and it continues today . Many of you have metal detectors and use them. Believe me there out there. The shows of these professional divers looking for these ships and there treasure I find very interesting. The research and the original investment is very interesting. One show they had found a Spanish Gallion bringing gold and silver back to Spain . After a hurricane in North Carolina the ship they found was gone. They found It one hundred miles up the east coast. People have found gold on these beaches after storms. The water was not deep.

The obverse says it all . No Pray No Pay. That's the way it was. And the Capitan would only trust a certain few. But the clues and years of research has rewarded the collecting community for years. The S.S. Republic. One of the richest and the El Cazador come to mind. You can buy these coins on line but make sure there certified.

British and the United States sought out these pirates and tried to stop them. That's how much damage they did to commerce. It was a very important time in our history. We were rich in precious metals. And they came from all over the world for it. France,Spain ,Vikings. Many others looked to transport there gold and silver to the east coast banks to there home land. Believe me when I say there are still many ships unfound. I enjoyed this set and I'm glad I could share it to you. There all MS. But the thrill of it is in the hunt!!

I hoped you enjoyed this blog as a set that at first was not well known. Its a quality set that describes life on the high seas. Its also enjoyable . Thanks for your time. And if you get the bug like i did enjoy it. Pirates were part of our life. Played a major part in our history even today it continues. Especially today I can only dream of finding treasure but the collecting part of it is also important.

I bought this set because as we say here we buy what we like. That's the bottom line. Sometimes we get a good price sometimes we don't. I have compared it to trying to play the market. But that's not how it works. Good luck to all! Mike

P.S. The Serpent if you look is a Viking ship!



Level 5

Thanks for sharing your information and pictures buddy! Those coins would make a great addition to any collection!


Level 5

I will have to look for those. Really neat collection.

Long Beard

Level 5

The real treasure is having a group of us skally-wags who enjoy and appreciate these posts. Your coin relate taste is envious, Pal.


Level 4

Wow! The details on those is amazing! Awesome coins!

That relief is high! Nice coins.


Level 5

Those are pretty cool. I have a few similar pieces that I purchased from the Intaglio mint.


Level 6

Great blog. Very informative


Level 6

Cool blog Mike! What's not to love about Pirates! haha Beautiful coins! Great designs! ; )


Level 6

Great blog Mike. I'm glad you liked the set. Thanks for the shout out. These coins are VERY high relief. You did a good job photographing them. It sure was fun playing pirates as a kid. Thanks for this fun read.

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks for an excellent blog. It does remind me of movies of pirates in the Caribbean. Our location (West Indies) was prone to pírate activity and presence as well as many others seeking hidden treasures under the sands of the Antillian islands. The years could be earlier than the 1600's and there has been research done by even National Geographic regarding the whereabouts of many told treasures that have been kept away from major countries' authorities. Loved your images and the story.


Level 5

Finding treasures is good fun! Good history and coins matey!


Level 5

Ahh, the lure of the sea and the tall tales of those who sailed them. Being enlisted in the US Navy, I've logged many hours on the Pacific and Indian Oceans. I've heard many sea stories and told a few myself, tales of hoisting the Jolly Roger on the mast of my ship when we crossed the equator. That and all the exotic ports I have visited. Indeed, I have a story or two to tell about life on the sea!

Long Beard

Level 5

Ah, a Shell-back! Nice.


Level 4

Arrrgh matey! Aye, we sail the seven seas. Mighty fine pieces of eight you got there. Couldn’t resist. Lol. Nice pirate coins you got there Mike. Indeed pirates played an interesting role in our history. Thanks for sharing some of your treasure, and the history that goes along with it.

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