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30 Jan 2020

So I Reached 100,000 Points What Did You Get!!!

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Well a couple of fellow collectors told me I was reaching this mark. They wanted to know what do you get. I said allot. I got the benefit of meeting new friends. I was able to share my knowledge of my coins with other collectors. They asked how did you do it. I said that's easy I'm disabled and I have a large collection so I'm home with nothing to do. I received a wealth of information reading blogs and forums.
I put a set together that took five years with the help of others. When I wanted to give up they picked me up. I was rewarded simply by helping those who joined this institution of learning. The yns when you help them with there site with what's this coin. By setting them on there way to a lifetime of the joy of collecting coins. How many things did I get. I was able to go to shows. Not physically but through their blogs and messages. I felt I was there. And I became sick in May many friends would send a message asking how was I and don't worry you can beat this.
I learned respect for my fellow collectors. I learned character and honesty. I learned this and much more from a group of people I never met. Then disaster hit me again and again and now I'm walking. I get so many people telling me that's great. They made me feel whole as a person. That nothing in this life can beat you down unless you let it. They wouldn't let me. The people the organization of learning about coins got me through so much. When I was in the hospital I would look at my coins on my phone. There was no pain then. Use my motto Never Give Up.
The ANA gave me support a gentleman named Sam . Who use to have a cup of coffee with me in the morning. I can't say all the names of collectors because I'm afraid of leaving one out and that's not fair. I had my wife drop off my magazines at the library I learned this from another friend.. They were pleased to get them. Yes I learned to give. The mission here I believe is to educate people on the benefit of collecting coins. That cost money. I learned to give so yns could.go to the summer seminar. The yns auction. Coins for the class rooms that's what the ANA did for me. You see you think I didn't get anything when in fact you get to learn what I have written. So I did get something for.reaching the 100,000 mark. In my misery and pain I learned to live again. All for.a couple of bucks. So I thank all of you for helping me reach this mark..And learning about why I love coins. I would also like to thank all of those who run the ANA. You see I did get allot. Thanks all. Mike



Level 7

To all thank you for your comments. This was not bragging by a long shot.It was about a beaten down man who's some coins were not recognized by the ANA and Tokens. A sick man yes but it is about what I got from the ANA. I wasn't on a carousel looking for a bronze ring. I wanted you to know how I became whole again. by collecting. A person again. Walking again . That's what it was about. I don't want sympathy. I don't want congratulations. Just recognized as a good collector. You all have been so kind.

Congrats to you, you're the Bill Gates of ANA points!

congrats on 100k. I am glad that someone truly deserving has accomplished the feat. You demonstrate real commitment and care. Thank you.


Level 6

*****Congratulations Mike*****!!!!! If anyone could have reached 100,000 Big Ones...It's YOU!!! You are truly an amazing coin collector! I'm so proud of you.... This is where if I had lots of confetti I'd throw it on you ; ) haha


Level 5

Congratulations MikeB. 100,000 points is awesome. More awesome is what you said about your journey to get 100k. Glad i was able to be a small part of it. You have encouraged and inspired me to help out the coin collecting community when i can. Thanks


Level 7

As long as I own these little pieces of history and yns need help i will continue to write. And help. Just returning the favor.


Level 5

Keep up the good work. You do a nice work on your blogs and comments.


Level 6

Well Done! What a beautiful, heartfelt blog. Quite an accomplishment form a guy that couldn't care less about getting points. I am lucky enough to know Mike personally know some of the hurdles and pain he has overcome with the help of coins and TOKENS! I capitalize TOKENS as the ANA doesn't seem to feel they are worthy of being addressed here. Mike's set is a set for the ages. I encourage everyone here to go back and read his blogs about it. Anyway, I could go on about Mike's passion but I won't. Many YN's he has tried to help know this. So I am going to end this by confusing most here with a music reference from the Tubes. What do you get when you reach 100,000 points? "A babies arm holding an apple." Sorry Mike I had to do it. Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SyixSHWgR8


Level 5

Time and again you demonstrate the will to not only survive but to thrive and unselfishly show others how they can do it. You are an encouragement, my friend, to not only me but to everyone who frequents this blog. All the best. Gary


Level 6

Congratulations Mike, I don't think many will every surpass that mark or your level of engagement with the YNs and the rest of us. So I tip my Coffee Mug to the screen and say "Mike, You Da Man!!!".

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