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20 Nov 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Coins | Mike

Well since I can't upload the beautiful pictures I wanted I will make this quick. I would like to thank everyone on this site a wonderful holiday one that should be celebrated every day because of our standard of living. It didn't come cheap. That should be remembered. All those who made this holiday possible. Let's not forget them. The turkey if Benjamin Franklin had his way would of been our national bird. Not that beautiful eagle that flies free over our land. Yet it is a beautiful bird and does sacrifice it's self that we may eat and celebrate. A very happy Thanksgiving all those in the ANA for there tireless work in helping us gain knowledge of our hobby. And to those on the site that we have made friends of that we would never have known before. Those who share there knowledge with us so freely. And we in return share ours. We should give thanks for that also. The list is endless there is not enough room remember the poor and the places that will feed them give thanks to those who sacrifice there day to make sure they get a good meal. Like I said there are many people and organizations that do make this day special. Let's give thanks for the most important. Our health. Without it there is nothing. Remember those in hospitals this Thanksgiving day. No one should be alone unfortunately there are those who will be pray for them. So enjoy your day if your traveling be safe. Let's just give thanks. Enjoy your day and thank you alot  for your support And I give thanks for my wife bringing this cent home in change. So we give thanks for our obby also. This was updated on Thanksgiving day don't ask how I don't know. Mike

     Deep fried turkey!!!!!!



Level 2

nice blog I got told to not write blogs


Level 4

Mike, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Thanks for the friendship and knowledge you’ve shared on this blog. Jim

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Remember that our first responders give their lives for us, so let us appreciate them today and always!

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, too.

After the turkey, I like to curl up with a good coin book.


Level 6

Thank you Mike, you also have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Level 6

So many reasons to be Thankful ; ) Thanks Mike... Blessings to you and your family


Level 6

Nice blog, Mike. Thank you.


Level 6

A very good blog Mike. There are way to many reasons to list. Thanks to everyone.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Excellent thoughts Mike. I am also thankful for our First Responders who have suffered too many losses in recent years, most recently in Chicago yesterday. Praying for Peace and Brotherhood to overcome wanton violence and hatred.


Level 7

Like I said you bring up an excellent point there are many reasons. Thank you.

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