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20 Jan 2020

The 70th Anniversary Coin of Pearl Harbour Has a Great Story And Hero

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Hi everyone. Well I saw in the news last week the United States Navy was going to build a new aircraft carrier. And there would be a major change in protacal. You see there all named after Presidents. Every one but this one. The next thing I heard the name Doris Miller. That's right his friends called him Dorie. Dorie was a person of color. His job was like all the rest of a person of color. Taken care of the officers on the ship. Yes racism was very bad in those days. This man was about to change all that.

When Pearl Harbor was attacked he ran to were the Capitan was on the West Virginia Battleship. He found him lying wounded. He had to get him to saftey. And this mess attendant went and grabbed the huge anti aircraft machine gun. If you look at the obverse of the coin that is The scene was it happened.. If you saw any movie like Tora Tora Tora you will see the action as it happened. He had no training on the weapon but managed to shoot some plains down. The battleship was hit nine times with torpedoes. He then left the gun the ship was going down . He grabbed as many shipmates as he could and brought them to safety.

When .I heard the news I knew I had a Pearl Harbour coin. Went looking for it couldn't find it. It was in the first place I should of looked. In the box marked coins to be sent out. And there was Doris Miller shooting down enemy planes. So he. got his Capitan to safety and saved the lives of many of his ship mates. And all he did before that he would shine shoes iron shirts and pants and brought his officer to meals.
Now after all that he changed the way people of color were treated. He was awarded the Navy Cross first to get one and that award was given by Admiral Chester Nimitz in May of 1942. . Unfortunately he was killed on 11/24/1943. He was on an escort carrier called the Liscome Bay. And it was sunk by a submarine. All hands were lost. Dorie was gone but what he did that day changed the Navy and armed forces for ever. It don't happen over night but it changed.Born in Waco Texas 10/12/1919 he died at the early age of 24.
Now we all say every coin tells a story. This one tells the history of a Great man and what he did that day and how he changed the the Armed Forces forever. Hope you enjoyed this small but important party of history. Thanks.



Level 4

I just walked by the monument to this man yesterday. The memorial is just down from the suspension bridge here in Waco. I have included a link to the website below. https://dorismillermemorial.org/ Thanks Mike.


Level 3

Never actually heard of him, but I think it’s cool coin. RIP Doris Miller.


Level 5

I heartily concur with all the sentiments expressed on this post and would have been proud to serve on the USS Doris Miller.


Level 6

There is a move afoot to get Dorie the Congressional Medal of Honor, I think it would be wholly appropriate given his heroism on December 7th and his later loss when the Liscome Bay was torpedoed. Naming an Aircraft Carrier after him is a well deserved honor.


Level 6

What a great honor. Why hasn't Cuba Gooding Jr. made a movie about this man?? Not Pearl harbor. I just looked it up. There are a few. My mistake. I did find out that not only did he never receive training on the gun, as a black man, he was excluded from using it. Very inspirational blog Mike. Thanks and send that coin in..


Level 5

It is about time the U.S. honors this man.

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