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23 Sep 2020

There Are Coins And Currency Everwhere!!!

Coins | Mike

Hi everone. Please enlarge pics's. Well money is everywhere. You know the list. There in piggy banks, in the couch sometimes cent in the street and in books!! That's right. As you know I'm a big history buff. My wife bought me a book on D-Day the Sixth of June. That's the green cover of the book. I put two arrows to mark what it says. Quickly it says this book contains a artifacts and memorable from that day. It also has a C.D.. You can listen to those who survied. Remember this blog is about where I found a ww11 note a war note.

Well I opened it. Wow. For me a book that had most of the details of that day. Pictures of solders dead on the beach. They were stuck on one of the beaches we chose to invade.. Now they had top secret documents . And maps . Maps of our soldiers and the ground they took inch by inch. Those landing were shot down as the landing craft opened up. It all so showed the German positions. This was the largest amphibious attack in the history of man..

As I went from page to page I tried to take a picture of the map but so large there was no way I could get a quarter of them. These were important. They showed everything back to the high command they would mark the mark maps and were we were with the other countries who had maps.also.. This offensive could not fail at any cost. Think of it. We're lucky Hitler did not wake up and send his massive tank divisions. They would of kept us in that beach named Omaha for weeks and weeks.
I found so much in this book. I I continued going thru the pages and found a Canadian brown paper leaf with writing on it! I came to a stop when I got to a page with a note in it. Yes a WW11. Now I don't have one. As you see below this note had writing on the back. Those with the flag were made by another country. I believe Canada.. Now every signal solder and airmen had one. They were invading France. So I read about these. After the war every one had to be destroyed. . They used crematorium to burn many of these Some soldiers nodded them. I got mine in a book! You never know were you will find coins and currency
I have to say my jaw dropped. My friend longstrider has some good ones. Since I don't collect these I think I will send it to him.. You can see one half of the bill is a little bit dirity. The crease down the middle.. Also the picture with writing on it it's in code typed and some a little ink.at the top you can make the date out. It's September 20, I believe 1945 it has to do with D-Day. Now we're else can you find coins and currancy. Absolutely everywere!!! I hoped you enjoyed this book that paid off.. Thanks for.taking time to read it.He well and Safe.



Level 4

Very interesting blog. What a terrible time the world and all of its people faced. Nice looking currency find.


Level 5

I loved this blog. Recently I had the great opportunity to visit France, and toured the famous d-day/wwII sites. I went to the mass grave sites, and sat for hours, and almost could hear the screams of war. It was a truly humbling experience, and fueled my desire to collect some wwII currency as well. I have yet to acquire all the specimens I would like, but have made some decent headway. The sacrifice these men made in honor of their countries is staggering, and I still cant believe they did that. To me, that is what numismatics is all about. History, and the price we pay for our happiness. Thanks for he post, Mike. Cheers, NumisMaster


Level 6

That's an amazing find. I wonder how it got in there? Thanks for the offer but you should hold on to that. Makes the book that much better. Either way, thanks for this cool blog.

Books in your numismatic library aren't limited to books just on coins, the coinage is just half the story. What a wonderful surprise, and an excellent gift!


Level 5

Having lived about 2 hours from the beaches, my wife and I have toured them all. Some of the best places to go are the local museums that are off the main roads. There are clubs there where the locals have equipment, uniforms, and even vehicles, half tracks, jeeps, and yes tanks that have been salvaged and passed down from generation to generation. Many of these people have allowed their equipment to appear in various movies and shows, and almost all participate in celebrations of the success of the invasion and VE day. Wonderful Blog, brought back many memories to another History Buff. Later!


Level 7

Stumpy I could spend hours just on the beaches. Then days needing people and checking out the key towns we had to take. And then the cemataries. Prolly to days and it wouldn't be enough. Thanks my friend.


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On the topic of General Patton and the "army", Hitler had a series of spymasters in Britain that were actually working for the SOE. These spymasters also helped to deceive the Germans on where the final invasion would take place. Also, Feldmarchall Rommel, commander of the German defenses on Normandy, was on leave June 6th, 1944. In Peanuts, the nut theory is that Snoopy released that Rommel's wife's birthday was on June 6th. Snoopy connected the dots and released that Rommel would not be in Normandy and not be concentrated on the upcoming invasion. Snoopy then phoned Eisenhower, giving him the precise date of the invasion. Below, is the link to the Sunday. https://www.gocomics.com/peanuts/1994/06/05


Level 6

Non numismatic books can enjoyment and information to the hobby.


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D-Day was an invasion so fraught with danger that General Eisenhower had already pre-written his apology for failure of the invasion if the English, Canadian, and U.S. Forces had been thrown back into the sea. But the fear of Patton and his phantom army kept the Germans from reacting fast enough and the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks for sharing your book and your beautiful note. It really was the most amazing accomplishment breaching Festung Europe.


Level 7

That was a great deception. He had Patton in England and let the German spies know that. Meanwhile they created an army with fake tanks and all sorts of equipment. At the closer part to France. They were blown up with air. The Germans never knew this. And it worked.


Level 5

Nice notes and history lesson. The invasion was hard, but somehow it help win the war.


Level 5

Great historical blog Mike. Very interesting and memorable. Thanks for the post buddy. Talk to ya soon.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That was code? I thought it was Polish! Very wonderful gift to receive. That was a terrible time in our country's history. And we think we have it bad today.....


Level 7

It was not Polish. They were under German rule. You can see its American code. The note is not polish!

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