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22 Feb 2016


Coins-United States | Mike

This question has come up many time's. I'm going to give you my spin on it. We are member's of a great hobby. To think million's of us. Now I consider myself a collector. Why? Well I don't have a store of any kind. I don't sell coin's in large quantities. But most of all I like my coin's. Now that doesn't mean I can't sell a coin now and then. However if you do make sure it's not one of you favorite's. Because you will regret it it later. Of course we sell coin's, but on a small scale. There a reasons why you might want to sell a coin. Money to buy a coin you really like! But just to make a profit can lead somewhere else. You might like it. Now a dealer is one who does own a store. The story must be made up of many different coin's. Hundreds of them. Now your store can be in one place or you can travel and do show's. You might have an e bay store. E Bay calls it a store for a reason. They expect you to be there for a while. Not sell five coin's and leave. So what does that mean? It means you must have stock,and stock that is diversified. Now most of your time is buying roll's of coins not two or three. Raw coin's slabed coin's. Now that doesn't mean you can still collect. You can but to better have a lot of capital on hand. Money to support your store,and money to buy your coin's for your collection. If I have confused you it's really simple. Many people collect and sell. It all depends on how your budget is. If your lucky to have a large budget go for it. I consider us collector's and dealers. We basically collect more than we sell. Or you might be a full time dealer. That's the difference! Whatever you consider yourself li wish all of you  sucess. By the way if you have a store let me know. Thanks mike



Level 5

Never bought or sold on ebay. Lucky enough to have many options for collecting - many dealer stores, many coin shows, etc close to home. Thanks for the article.


Level 5

Mike, I usually just buy what I like. If it happens to appreciate in value then that is just a bonus. I do sell on ebay but honestly I buy more than I sell.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Well said. I never liked the pursuing of profit as the motive when I sold a coin. It seemed to interfere, for me, in my enjoyment of numismatics as a hobby and as a science. I consider myself a collector and sometimes dealer, but mostly I am a student of numismatics. There is and has been so much to learn, it seems endless. Full time dealing is too much of a grind. For every coin you sell you must have another to replace it. You never seem to be able to catch your breath. I did it for about a year and a half with ancients, and it got tiring as all heck.

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