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16 Dec 2021


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I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. . Tomorrow is a special day . It's called Wreaths Across America. Veteran groups from all over the country will be laying one on every grave.. During the year people like my Wife collect money for this day.. They go to the cemetery were our Hero's are laid to rest.

. Each cemetery is differant. The ones from the early wars are on a hill. Then as you come down the different wars that took place.. The families are very grateful and many attend. It's the time of year for family those we lost and those who survied. I don't watch the news but I caught a piece that said America is forgetting there vetrains. This is true. I wrote a blog on Pearl Harbour. A great Hero died shortly after on another ship. They made a coin of him shooting an anti aircraft gun and Japanese planes. He was a person of color. His name was Doris Miller. His shipmates named him Dori. He brought his Capitan to safety and others. . As I write this they are building a massive air craft carrier. And it will be named the U.S.S. Miller. The largest in our fleet!

The reporter was right. We are forgetting them and there families. This gesture of just a simple wreath brings us remembrances. I try and write something every year. But it should be everyday.Kids who lost there father and or mother. You see civilians die sometimes. Don't forget them. Please. From our first war till our last. For some this will be a sad Christmas. They get together and go to the cemetery to say a few words and shed a few tears. They died for us. So we can live free. The ultimate sacrifice .

...I want to keep this short. I ask again remember those who kept us free. Who won our Independence. To do the things we take for granted. Say a short prayer. And remember the families who lost there love ones. They suffer everyday. Thanks for taking time to read this. And make that reported wrong. We don't forget those who have there lives. Be safe Be well. Mike.

. ..P.S. That's my wife laying a wreaths.



Level 4

I will have to remember that.


Level 4

I have never heard about that. Very interesting.

I've heard about Wreaths Across America.


Level 6

Thanks Mike, We all must remember our Heroes! ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

What a wonderful idea and a gesture that is so in synch with the original meaning of the Christmas Holiday. Must find a way to participate as both my parents are now interred at a National Cemetary here in Pennsylvania.


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Thanks for the reminder Mike. My buddy belongs to a group of guys, mostly veterans, that go to funerals at National Cemeteries where the vet has no family to attend. They are his or her family. No one is buried unwitnessed.


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My Dad was buried with full Military Honors . Done by a group of volunteers. Twenty one gun salute taps, and the flag folding

Long Beard

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For many years, my father would place wreaths and change out the damaged/removed war markers for the American Legion at several cemeteries around Pittsburgh/Washington, PA. Sadly, issues associated with old age prevent him from doing so any longer and I miss doing that with him on occasion. Time for a changing of the guard!

I. R. Bama

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Thanks for reminding us of this important tradition!


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A great blog on a worthy topic. Always a meaningful blog from you, Mike.


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Wow. It remembers all heroes who fought and gave their lives for America. Nice info .


Level 5

Yes, our Indian Town Gap cemetary lays thousands of wreaths. Have donated to program. Very impressive and moving ceremony that day.

AC coin$

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We must remember them .Thanks for all .

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