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01 Oct 2020

WW11 War , Notes Hawaii.

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Hi I hope you all are well. How many times have you read a blog that says my grand father and grandma left this set of these coins? Well I'm 67 and just found out that my mom in law.and her friend left me currency and coins!. Now there have a special meaning for me and always will. There brown in color if the look light it's the flash. Also two gold seals.. Now these are older than the war. . They used 1935A notes. Two have a crease but that's fine. You see there not going to be graded. They feel silky. And in good shape. No pinholes in them. On the obverse they have two Hawaii in block letters at both ends. These are silver certs also. They made 204,000. Now I thought the President would authorize these. It was the Mayor. He was concerned about an invasion. That would devalue all the money On The islands.
Now think about this.204,000 of these were made.when there was no indication of an invasion they had to destroy these. . They used the crematorium. That was to much. I believe the soldiers hoarded these before they were shipped to the sugar mill. That worked fine. That's why there are so many of these 204,000 left in great condition.

Now these notes are older than the war!! So someone left me something . But the loss was two much. I have two gold notes which were use in North Africa.. You have to feel these to believe the feel of them. The coins were half dollar silver. I was told there is more coming.. I'm grateful to Anny and Vivian for leaving these to me. The first note has a big fold. The others small at the corners. So now I have some American History in my hands. Real history. Like the 50.00 note I got in a book. I will cherish these and keep them in plastic. I will preserve them like they were left to me.

Now please.enlarge these and take a look at them. You never know who or were money will come to you. I'm very happy. Thank you all . Stay well be safe!!!



Level 5

I don't collect much paper but I would like to have a Hawaii note. Some day I will add one to my collection.


Level 5

Nice banknote Mike. Double check your paper money reference book. I think more that 35 million "Hawaii" note were printed. Of that volume 204,000 were "Star" notes.


Level 7

You were right . 204,000 were star notes. I'm getting old. Thanks for getting that right. My mistake. Great pickup!! Thanks

I love the notes! I have never seen a hawaiin ww2 era dollar


Level 4

Very nice notes! I love the sentimentality that numismatics brings when someone gives you something of their own.


Level 5

True story


Level 5

Mike, your in-laws seem like very nice people to leave these notes to you. These are a significant part of the history of WWII. Though many of these were destroyed, I don't think they were devalued. Other than that, they can not be exchanged for a silver dollar. I have examples of both the Hawaii and North Africa notes that I purchased. They can never have the sentimental value that you have for yours. Thanks for sharing!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very nice notes Mike, thanks for sharing. You are the winner of the coin collecting internet today. (:

I. R. Bama

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Those are nice Mike, a wonderful gift from those who loved you. I don't know much about currency grading, but maybe you should send in the ones with one crease, they can still get a high grade


Level 6

Really nice Mike. It's great to have these notes and remember the special ladies that left them to you. Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

The North African notes are a pain to fined. Hopefully when you view these bills great memories will flood your mind.


Level 5

Awesome gift to receive from someone. Sometimes the least expected things become a favorite part of the collection. I like paper money, but haven't got the urge to get into paper notes. Maybe I will get something, like a favorite city on it.


Level 5

Love the blog, and great timing seeing as how I will be (Hopefully) buying some of these in the coming year. Cheers, NM


Level 6

Nice blog. I am not into very much paper money, but I everyone should try to add Hawaii and North African notes to their collectiom. Interesting history associated with them.


Level 5

Nice Mike, I also have some coin and folding money from my folks and they are priceless. Thanks for Sharing!


Level 6

Great blog Mike, may they rest easy. I have a gold seal myself. My dad served in Italy. It means a lot to me. I bought it bought it still brings back memories, like these will for you. It's amazing to me how currency and coins can trigger all these thoughts in us. I learned some history from you on these. Thanks.

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