Medal of My Two Favorite People in World Affairs

17 Jan 2017

I was looking for a medal of these two great men on two different medals. I was on eBay when I came across the both of them on one medal was I excited!. Both on one. Now it's old and I'm having a hard time making out the manufacturer. I will and I will add it. It has to be held to see the beauty. The relief is very high probably the highest I've seen. The medal was made by the Medallic Art Co. N.Y.It's made of bronze. I did call the company they are still in business and are in the process of the mintage and if any are left there not sure of the price today.



Level 5

I really like the medals now. I got into some medals recently and bought a few on EBAY that were not to pricey. Your medal of JFK and the pope is a nice medal for sure.

coin collector

Level 4

looks unique

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

it looks beautiful from here so i guess it is fabulous to hold


Level 5

Nice piece of history in this medal.


Level 6

Just beautiful Mike! Great find!


Level 6

Beautiful medal, great design. I would assume this was minted in 1963, the year JFK & the Pope died. If I were you, I wouldn't attempt to clean this medal at all.


Level 7

I did get the manufacturer ill get the rest.


Level 6

That's a great find Mike. Great photos also, Good luck getting the rest of the info. That's the fun part!!


Level 5

Beautiful medal Mike. That is something anybody would be proud to have.

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