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09 Dec 2014

My coin collection so far

Coins | Quarter quiz dude

Here is my collection.

1976 half dollar grade au-55

1974-D quarter grade ms-65

2003-p il quarter grade ms-60

1961-D dime grade au-53

1945 half dollar grade vf-20

1999-p nj quarter grade ms-63

1991 proof set

1944-S Dime grade vf-30

2013-P dime grade ms-66

1941-D penny grade ef-40



Level 7

Just keep buying what you like and you will have a great collection.


Level 5

Some really great coins. Way to go.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a great start


Level 4

Amazing collection.


Level 5

At the pace you are going, you will have a fantastic collection before you know it!


Level 4

That collection is amazing! Keep up the good work, and find more like those. : )

Great collection!


Level 5

Good start! Longstrider is right...read as much as you can! We are all here to help!


Level 5

Awesome! If I can be of any help to you in your collecting adventure, feel free to contact me. The reading that Longstrider is suggesting is excellent advice.


Level 5

Awesome! Keep up the good work


Level 6

You have a really nice collection! Keep up the good work!


Level 6

Good collection. Keep going and read, read, read!


Level 5


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