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19 Nov 2020

Covid and the death of money?

Coins | RuralRon

I have noticed a disturbing trend in my life recently that is a direct affect of the covid virus- NO POCKET CHANGE!Normally (or should I say "in a prior existence") I would go to the atm and get cash several times a month to spend on little stuff like coffee or tips etc. Always put the change in a coffee can. The can would fill up every few months and I would take it to the grandsons. A nice routine that I got used to. As you all know, at the beginning of the pandemic there was a shortage of circulating coins. This made plastic the preference for businesses and significantly reduced the use of cash. One day I realized that the cash in my pocket had been taken out of the atm months ago! All of my transactions for the last six months have all been plastic.Am I the only one or are we seeing the death of cash?

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