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18 Aug 2020

Silver Stacking

| s12k3

Hey guys! I was wondering if you had ideas for how to start silver stacking. What are the best websites? Where is the lowest premium? Is it worth paying high premium for pandas and kookaburras? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.



Level 6

Buy bullion rounds or bars. There is zero extra money paid for ASE when you sell them back. I like to save up for ten ounce bars. Just me. I have a lot of one ounces rounds as well. I also buy some world coins/bullion but I figure it as bullion not numismatic purchases. Good luck. One has to start somewhere.


Level 5

I like buying some of the different rounds or coins. Australia has nice 1 ounce silver coins, not much over spot. If you psy a premium, then you should receive a little more back then normal when you sell.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I don't know, around here the dealers sell ASE 21.2 % above spot and will buy yours at 10.1 % below spot. Rounds are selling 14.2% above spot and they buy at 5.4% below spot on bullion. I've got silver I bought at $12.00. I'd make a profit off of that, but if you are buying now, how long will you have to hold on to it before you can turn a profit? Indicators tend to portray this as a bubble market due to the china virus. When that vaccine comes out, silver and gold are going to drop precipitously. These days I prefer to buy my silver and gold in old coins that have collectible value on top of the gold or silver spot. I buy the bullion as an emergency money fund.

Right now is the worst possible time pos tart stacking silver unless you can find old prices say at an antique mall or pawn shop where prices aren't updated frequently. Constitutional silver i say best recommendation as it provides silver with some numismatic backing.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I agree with you Nub, the same goes for Constitutional gold

I. R. Bama

Level 5

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Level 4

Thank you for your suggestions!


Level 7

We do not tell people what to collect . We have a saying buy the book before the coin.. You will learn like we all have. Find a site you like a coin you like buy the book and read it. But in your budget. It's not our place to tell you what to do.we all crawl before we walk. Lots of luck. By the way silver is going up with gold. I was it when it hit 50.00 it was a bank trying to buy up all the silver. Well they were out of luck. The biggest I have seen it is 36.00 when you buy it be prepared to pay a lot more no matter what the coin. . I think it's around 26.00 now. Remember what goes up comes down.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You have to decide why you are buying a coin.... is it because you want it for a collection, or are you investing in it for silver prices? If you are buying to invest in silver, then buy the least expensive bullion coins you can find. I don't think you will make much more than the bullion prices on currently issued bullion. If you are buying to collect, then if you like kookaburras or pandas, then buy them to collect. You may prefer older silver coins and buy each one of a series to put together a set. Keep in mind if you are just getting in the silver market to invest, not so many years ago it was 12.00 an ounce. How long this high market will last who knows? But if you are buying now for investment, you just may lose your shirt if the market take a downturn, which sooner or later it will. Its hard to time the peak too. Having said all that, I wish you luck in which ever direction you decide to go in, my friend.

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