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22 Jul 2019

Apology to the individuals who were offended by recent posts

| Scott M

I apologize to anyone who felt offended by my posting of two posts on my blog about my clubs current celebrations.I was totally unaware of rules against solicitations. it was never my intent to violate any rules. i was genuinely excited to share some happenings with other individuals in numismatics.
i have deleted the two posts.
Some individuals were kind in informing me about the rules to which i say thank you and i have acted accordingly.Some individuals were not so kind using harsh words, to them i say again I'm sorry if i offended.



Level 6

Glad you are still here! You need a magnifier to read the "fine" print...too many rules sometimes. Just enjoy and have fun! Your coin club in Chicago sounds like a great organization!

It's Mokie

Level 6

The Chicago Coin Club sounds awesome and is a club you are obviously very proud to support. Thank You for your apology, I know that it was not for your own gain and you meant no harm, so I absolutely hope you stay involved with us and throw us an occasional blog about the Club and its members.


Level 6

Very good of you. Glad you are still here. You need a loupe to read the new rules..At least I do.. Thanks.


Level 7

The apology is not needed to the collectors but the ANA. The new disclaimer they put up they could of just dropped you. You were lucky they didn't see it. At least your still here and thank you. I don't remember reading them. So I have no problem. Just be careful that's all. And enjoy. Don't apologize to the ANA . Then they will know!!

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