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19 Jan 2019

Chicago Coin Club 1200th Meeting

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On Wednesday January 9, 2019 the Chicago Coin Club celebrated our 1200th meeting.  The momentous event was celebrated with a reception, a great projected show of images of the clubs people, events, publications, medals and more from the past 100 years.
Special souvenirs of enlongated 1919 walking liberties and a special gold plate displaying the occasion were given to all in attendance.
7 past club presidents attended and the evening show and tell included 26 individuals showing something very special or meaningful from their collections which continued to support the Chicago Coin Club Latin Motto  DOCENDO DISCIMUS, "WE LEARN BY TEACHING"



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Congratulations. That club has certainly been in the center of things for many years.


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As a fellow member of the Chicago Coin Club, albeit from afar (Central PA), my heartiest congratulations to the CCC. Some of the best times I have ever had in numismatics I have had either at Rosemont or downtown at the Bar Association in the company of the CCC members. I genuinely wish every collector could experience the Chicago Coin Club.


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Now that's something to celebrate! Congratulations!


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Wow, that's an incredible accomplishment. My local club is up over 800 meetings. This is "only" our 80 year.


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Unbelievable accomplishment. Very Well done. I especially like your motto. Too true as is Mike's. Elongated Walkers will likely make some collectors cringe but I like them. Very unique. Good luck in the coming years.


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Quite a milestone! Congrats!


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Very nice pics.


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It is amazing that the club average one meeting a month for 100 years. You thought there might be a cancellation for weather. great job.


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That's a great line we learn by teaching. Congratulations on your well deserved anniversary. We say spread the word. Just think how many have learned in all those meetings. There is a famous quote I I heard What a Man Does for Himself Dies With him.What He Does For Others Lives And is Immortal. That's why we do with coins we share and learn from each other. Good luck on future meetings. Keep that teaching going. Thanks. Mike.

What a momentous occasion. That is a very great accomplishment. The Chicago Coin Club is such a large club, and it is great that this is celebrated. Those Walking Liberty souvenirs are quite nice. Congratulations!


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Congratulations to Your Club and You. It looks like an outstanding event for all concerned. I hope you all have another 1200 meetings.

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