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05 Nov 2014

BIE penny

| SDJ79

Looking through my newest batch of 3 rolls of wheat pennies I got off ebay, I found what appears to be my first ever BIE error penny. It is a 1957 no mint mark. In a nice condition too. Also found a 1956 BIE in the same batch, but it is not in very good condition. first two I've noticed. I'm gonna have to re look at my other wheats to see if there might be more. I know it's a very minor error, but still fun to find

28 Oct 2014


Coins-United States | SDJ79

Hello, I am new to the world of numismatists and have already started a small collection, of mostly wheat back pennies, but have some proofs/UNC aswell as some silvers and Indian Heads. I have started to add these coins to my collections on my profile. I have acquired my collections through ebay, so I'm not 100% certain all of my coins are real, especially my key dates like my 1909 VDB wheat backs (I have several) 1908-S Indian Head and some of my pre 1880 Indian Heads. I haven't spent a large sum of money on my collection, as I am new and do not want to invest a large amount of money, until I am comfortable with what I am looking for. I hope being a member of the ANA wil lallow me to get in touch with people who ar eexperienced and can educate me on colllecting coins and currency, as well as maybe assist me on determining if my coins are worth anything. I look forward to continuing to add to my collections.

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