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05 Oct 2016

Coin Shop Experience

| ShriekenGriffon

            Hey y'all! I am back today to share my coin shop finds, or maybe just the experience if it gets a bit too long and will do the actual coins later, from yesterday Oct. the 4th. This was only the third coin shop I've been to, and third visit to one, so I was still a little uncomfortable sitting in there looking through the coins and talking to the men working there. This was my first time at this one and it was a bit closer and a lot bigger than the previous two I've been to.

            When I walked in the man at the desk asked me what I was looking for so I told him Buffalo Nickels and Franklin Halves, so he told me where they were located and started me off with the lower grade cheap nickels. He said that when I am done I can go to the "more expensive ones." So after a bit of searching, I only came out with one that I didn't have yet. It was a 1930 S in Very Good condition and cost only 85 cents, but I was glad there was at least one that was cheap and I didn't have and not just a bunch of '36's and '37's, which there were a bunch.

            Next, I went to look at the Franklin halves and better grade and semi key and key dates. However I only had 20 dollars max to spend, and the shop didn't have any junk halves and the nickels were too expensive. Meanwhile, while my mom and 10 year old sister were waiting and a little bored, they were looking at the (mostly) world coins in the 50 cent bins at the front of the store and marveling at the pretty designs and weird shapes. Since I didn't have much money, I decided to look through the bins as well. I found many cool coins with animals and large older bronze or copper coins. Without even trying, 5 out of 8 coins I pulled from the bin had British rulers on them.

            Later, I went to look at damaged type coins for 3 dollars and older Canadian cents. Some of the type coin were really damaged while others were OK but not worth it. The best thing I saw was a dateless flying eagle cent was in Fair 3 that I was debating buying but decided not to. The Canadian cents were only a dollar each and I found some older dates and there were a few 1900 dated coin that later I found out were worth about 6-7 dollars in the grade they were in.

            I think I will wrap up for now and will write about my actual finds in a different blog that will be at most two days apart from this. Later!



Level 5

Great job visiting a different coin shop. Dealers have many varied ideas of how to treat customers so visit as many as you have the opportunity to do so. Find the best ones that cater to you.


Level 4

sounds like you had a very good trip to the coin shop I still get a little nervous going to coin shops sometimes and I'm 38 years old ha ha ha looking forward to reading part two of your great blog post

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

You have great taste if you like Franklin halves and Buffalo nicks. Very nice, and congratulations. Keep up the fun, and thanks for sharing the good story of your coin shop experience.


Level 6

Sounds like you're hitting the mother lode! Congratulations on all your great finds! Your enthusiasm is wonderful!

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