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03 Oct 2016

The YN Auction

| ShriekenGriffon

Ok guys!!! I am back from a lovely break (when Fall Break just started for me as well) from writing as school was starting back up again and I had to get back in the swing of things. Also, the YN (young numismatist) Auction came along, so that is what  I will talking about today and my experience and thoughts. However though, I will write about the coins I won when I receive them.

Before I start, I would just like to inform all the non-young numismatists that no real money is used in the auction. All that is used are Yn bucks / dollars that are earned through various activities such as writing blogs like I am now, going to the ANA headquarters in Colorado, completing online courses, or helping out at coin shows.

Now to my thoughts, I would like to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to the ANA who sets up and organizes this big event for the next generation of numismatists with limited budgets for our hobby. They take the time to make the catalog to look through, set up all the cameras and the live stream on YouTube, and spend hours to auction everything off. Most YN’s are congratulating Mr. Sam Gelberd, which is right, so THANK YOU Mr. Sam, but I heard a few people off the screen behind the cameras that would also have been there for those hours so they deserve thanks for being diligent to stay there.

As I said earlier, the auction was conducted through a live stream on Youtube. Technology can never be perfect so there was about a 10 second delay. This was better than last year though so there is one improvement. The ANA also did a good job on commenting on time of when the lot was closed and what the next bid that was being looked for was. One negative though was that the auction was about 1 ½ hours longer than last year, but this is not the ANA’s fault. During the auction, many cut bids were being made making one lot last for probably 15 minutes by itself. After that, the ANA did very well to keep to many cut bids being made and thus shortened the event slightly.

The lots went for more bucks this year as well probably because more kids found out about it or, like I did, had more time to save up and earn more bucks to spend. This shows that there may be a slight “inflation” for the bucks and they might have to be a bit harder to earn.

            Well those are my thoughts about the Yn Auction of the year 2016 and I am definitely looking forward to the next one!!!


Mike B

Level 6

Im glad you enjoyed it yes Sam is a special guy. You yn' s are lucky to have him. Thanks for your blog!


Level 5

Great feedback. I am sure the ANA Staff will take it into account as they plan for the next event.


Level 6

Thanks for sharing! Gotta love our YN's! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the auction. It was fun! I think the YN dollars should not be harder to earn. I'm planning to post my thoughts on this subject in the near future. Thanks again!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the auction. I peeked in a few times, vigorous is how I would describe the bidding.


Level 5

YN Auctions are a great activity to help keep young collectors interested in the hobby.

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