New West Point Minted Coins!

14 Apr 2021

I always loved Carson City minted coins because I appreciated the rarity and history behind mints other than Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. It wasn't until West Point released their W marked quarters into circulation in 2019 that I realized just how cool and rare that mint mark was. I received a 2020 W proof nickel alongside my 2020 proof set and was hooked! I do wish these coins were PR70 (MS70 for the uncirculated cent), but I'm willing to settle for 69! The reverse proofs are definitely my favorites; I think reverse proofs are really special/unique and make a wonderful addition to my collection.


AC coin$

Level 6

Beautiful coin. Thanks for sharing .


Level 7

They did that with all the Uncirirculaded cents. All 69. There are 70's but they go for.a.few thousand if you find them.. The West Point mint made coinage for years before.It became an official mint of the U.S. The mintage was out into the other mints. We will never know!


Level 4

Wow nice coins. The proof Lincoln cent looks almost gold.


Level 5

Now you just need a MS 2020 W nickel! Nice collection!


Level 5

Very nice!! Here on the site I am somewhat the "Cent Guy", and even more so the "Proof Guy". Youve got some very nice coins there, my friend. Lots of collectors dont like the reverse proofs, but they are my favorite!!


Level 6

These are really cool! I own a lot of 69 grade coins. I think they are just as beautiful and a lot less pricey. ; )


Level 3

Thanks! Yep, I rarely can even see a difference between 69 and 70 coins besides the price.

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