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25 Aug 2020

A New Penny?

Coins-United States | slybluenote

Good morning folks!

As I previously mentioned, I'd like to preview a 1909 Lincoln cent with the initials VDB on the reverse. Personally, I never thought I would see the day that I would spend $15 to obtain 1 penny! As most of you already know, sometimes your impulses just get the best of you. I had heard and seen quite a bit about this particular coin. Although the mintage is high,27,995,000, it's the initials on the reverse that attracted me to this Lincoln cent. Later on today, since we're experiencing thunder storms and lightening in our area, I will be weighing this coin and then slabbing it. I purchased it along with my 2017-S, Silver Kennedy Half dollar (next to the last coin in the collection). After slabbing, it will be placed in my Red box that I have designated "Special Slabs". While researching this Lincoln cent and learning about Victor David Brenner (VDB), I decided I really needed this coin in my collection. Another reason for my impulse buying.

This coin has been well taken care of and was graded as Very Fine. After examining the coin, I tend to agree with the grade assigned to it. You can definitely tell it's been circulated, but it's still a nice looking coin. The obverse shows very little wear but does have a couple of small spots near Lincoln's chin. The reverse is also in pretty good shape with only a small discoloration on the right wheat ear. This coin is 45 years older than I am, and in my humble opinion is a part of American history. Although it's not a San Francisco coin, which would make it a key date, I've read that this is a sought after coin by many collectors. Another reason for my impulse buying..... :-)

And now, the last reason for my impulse buying is advice that I have received via the folks known as my fellow bloggers: buy the coin because you like it! Sage advice if you ask me. I will be blogging soon about the last coin in my Kennedy Half dollar collection. I have found one for $48, but I do I have one more place to check before I purchase it. As always, stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free! Btw, the picture of me and my mom was taken circa 1956. Enjoy!

Charlie aka slybluenote


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Dang! Now I made an offer on a 1909 S VDB after reading your blog! Lol!! It's all good 👍

It's Mokie

Level 6

Interesting VDB factoid the initials were poorly executed and are not centered between the wheat ears.

Doug S.

Level 4

I have one in my type set in MS66 VBD RD couldn't resist the urge. LOL. However I have a growing appreciation for circulated coins. They have a lot more character and history like yours!! Interesting to consider how many hands it has passed through on its journey to you. Congratulations awesome coin! Regards Doug


Level 5

Pally...you are killing me. Lol. Every time I step on the "impulse" bug, I read a blog from one of the ANA members about a coin that I passed up or just plain want and I get that feeling....come on, you all know what I'm talking about! So since I passed up the last VDB for a myriad of reasons, I will really, really, take a closer look at the next one I see. Seriously though, you are right, if I see an acceptable one I like, I will not pass up the next one. Thanks for reminding me of the Golden Rule of coin purchase, sometimes in the moment we forget what should be obvious. Later!


Level 5

The Philadelphia VDB cent is the collector's choice for the VDB slot in their typesets. I have an MS-64 red-brown example in my typeset. If it wasn't for Philadelphia a lot of us type collectors would be stuck spending a fortune! Nice pickup!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great find! don't feel bad, I paid 700.00 for a flying eagle cent 1858/7


Level 5

Can't get enough VDB cents ! I have one, but they are always tempting. Wish I had a roll, but need to not buy a bunch of them?


Level 6

Most collectors ears perk up when they hear the term "VDB"

If only it had a mintmark :), it is a nice coin to add to you collection, although not a half dollar, it still should fit in.


Level 6

Nice coin to own. Sometimes you just have to go with something that catches your eye. I personally do that a bit too much. Oh well. We are buying money after all. Thanks.


Level 7

It's the one cent that everyone wants to own. I have a few. In 1918 they did put it back on his shoulder. To this day. It's always welcome in a collection. It was pricy years ago. It high grades it's still desirable. I have one that's an error cent. Yes there is one. Sorry more than the VDB. Nice pick up . That's one cent that is a big part of our history. Thanks for your work and pick up. Gary i don't believe I have a coin that's better than yours. I have the V.D.B. Red MS 65!! Never would of thought.

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