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27 Jun 2020

A Very Good Year

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Back in 1999 I was working for the "Deep State" and didn't realize it, but my life was about to change in a MAJOR way. I generally try to stay away from hospitals, but this particular year I was more than happy to be at this facility. Watching the birth of my daughter was an AMAZING thing! Since she is an only child, I was really concerned about being a good dad! The jury is still out on my last statement.

I got a GREAT deal on the Philadelphia and Denver sets from my local coin dealer. Unlike the U.S. Mint, their coins came in cellophane, hence the reason for the price. San Francisco on the other hand is a different story. As usual, one would expect to pay more for the 1.33 Troy ounces of silver. In my humble opinion, another driver of the price of this set is the low mintage;804,565 ! My thought was, she is my girlfriend so therefore she's worth the extra expense :-)) According to My Coin Guide, "The change and variety offered by the series would reinvigorate the hobby of coin collecting and draw specific interest to many modern issues." Since this was the first year of the State Quarters Program, it made sense to me to own the silver proof set.

I've just finished adding this set to my collection, but I did make an error. There are duplicate entries for this year, but that's ok, they're beautiful coins. This set is the one that led me to the conclusion that San Francisco makes a better product than Philly and Denver. This is just my opinion and subject to change. Until next time friends and family, stay SAFE, healthy and coronavirus free!

Charlie aka slybluenote



Level 5

Thanks for the great response folks! I really do appreciate all the comments and advice! I'll be posting again soon, so as they say, "stay tuned"! :-)) Charlie aka slybluenote


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I have my birth year set as well. It's a cool way to collect, but I've never really tried it.

Long Beard

Level 5

You're timing was near perfect in buying the 1999 set as a few years back it was pressing the $200.00 mark. As for the San Francisco mint striking better quality, that would be a somewhat true statement being that the dies used are made and sent from Philadelphia to the other three mints. The quality resides more in the planchets, the presses and the manner in which they are struck. Hope everyone is fine on your end.


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Nice. Great way to collect. They have much more meaning to you. Thanks Charlie..


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It is always nice to add a certain date coins to your collection that mean something to you.


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I used to buy silver proof sets as high school graduation gifts for my nieces and nephews. With my son and daughter, I bought sets to mark their birth years (pre-silver). Other children of non-relative friends got proof Silver American Eagles for graduation gifts. If I continue the tradition, it will be a long time before most of the children of my nieces and nephews graduate high school.


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Congratulations on being a great dad. I just bought a 2006 silver quarter set at an Antique store for my grandson. The price was good and the year isn't related to any event. Proof and Mint sets make great gifts. Although most are not the best investment. But of course it's about what you like. I believe everyone likes the mint products as gifts. I plan to purchase a few more proof sets, just so the grand kids can have a few sets and a coin collection.


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Judging from the picture Charlie, I think you did wonderful as a Dad of an only child. My Daughter was born in 2005 and she has her sets also. It's a wonderful way to commemorate and honor our Loved Ones.


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You just keep adding the sets you like. That's important because if We buy because we have to we will not like the coins. That's why we buy what weblike. Another great set. I bought something from the mint they sent it to Edison NewnJersey. I live in N.Y. Your luck to have a dealer by you. Thanks for the blog.

I. R. Bama

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Your daughter just graduated, what degree did she earn?


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That was her High School graduation Bama. Tried to press her on to college but she wasn't going for it. She attended OCC , a community college where I graduated for a half of a semester, and that was it. Oh well, I'll keep pressing her but now she has a full time job now so I'm going to "bide my time" for right now ... :-))

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I think that the San Francisco mint and West Point have the reputation of making the most "artful" or most "artistic" of the mints compared to the work horse Philly and Denver mints. That's a great addition to your collection and something your daughter will treasure forever! BTW, you have a wonderful family and u can almost feel the love from the photo. What a blessing!

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