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30 Apr 2020


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Well, at least April wasn't a complete disappointment. I received my program 2020 Silver Proof Set complete with the 2020 Reverse proof nickel from the West Point Mint. This is a beautiful set and inspecting it made me feel like I made the right decision to enroll. It still don't alleviate the losses of family members to death this month, but it did provide a bright spot in a month filled with sadness and darkness. It gave me pause to reflect on positive things in my life versus the negatives, so I live to fight another day. Now that I've started getting older, collecting coins is fitting right into my life style. Looking at the craftsmanship of the silver proof set makes me recall good memories. I'm so fortunate to have acquired the 2020 Kennedy Half dollar, but I also enjoy the ATB quarters also. And, like last years penny, the nickel is immaculate.

I only own 3 proof sets. I purchased my first one from my local dealer for $16 ! It was the 1999, the birth year of my girlfriend. She has a very easy birthday to remember; 111999 ! Although it wasn't silver, like the other 2 that I own, it was an important date. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice set, just not silver. After that I discovered on the U.S. Mint website, that there was a program that I could enroll in where they would send me the Silver Proof Set every year automatically. This was certainly a convenience for me so I purchased the 2019 Silver Proof Set with the penny from West Point thrown in as a bonus, and now, yesterday I received this years silver proof set. About six months ago while watching television, I almost bought one of those deals that you see on coins. It was all the proof sets for a little over $400. I decided a couple of days later to cancel the order. My credit card couldn't stand the pressure.

I saw online information about the 2012 Silver Proof Set which I've been seriously thinking about. The commercials pop up on my lap top all the time now about companies wanting me to purchase this unique set. My research indicates this was a low mintage proof set, and the fact that it's silver probably drives the price up a little more. Amazon is advertising it for $245 but that only gets you 9 coins. Littleton Coin throws in the Presidential dollars (5 more coins) for another $120. I'm just not sure that it's worth it yet. I'm still trying to make up my mind. It's an important decision for me to make since, to me, it's a lot of money!

In closing, not only do I now own a beautiful Silver Proof Set, but I'm blessed to have such a beautiful family. In these days and times I'm starting to realize that in itself is a commodity! Enjoy the pictures and until next time, stay SAFE, healthy, and Coronavirus free my friends!

Charlie aka slybluenote



Level 5

Thanks for the story and the history of your collecting. Yes, the 2020 Silver Proof Set is wonderful - enjoy!


Level 7

Your lucky as of today May 7 they are unavable atk the mint. 197,000. Sets were sold. If this stands they will become rare. However i think in time they will have more..


Level 5

Thanks for all the kind words, tips, and pieces of "sage wisdom" folks ! I really do appreciate the information that you pass along in your comments. I've found that as my collection grows, so do my numismatic friends ! Thanks again folks !

Long Beard

Level 5

I come from a large family. On my mothers side alone nine aunts and uncles, numerous cousins which are and were like brothers and sisters. So while I can relate, I don't really have one particular month which you've mentioned. Yet tying those I've lost to coinage still happens over the course of a year as I find myself reflecting as yourself. Thanks for another excellent topic!


Level 6

Thanks for your great blog! You have some really beautiful sets! I especially like the silver Quarter set! ; )

I haven't gotten my set yet, though I hope it comes soon.... I've been buying a silver set each year since 2017, although before that I bought the regular proof sets/uncirculated sets (due to budgetary conditions). Silver sets tend to be the better investment; they rebound their mint price the quickest, and always go past the mint price (there are reg proof sets from over twenty years ago that you can get for like ten bucks). The 2012 presidential proof set for some reason is crazy expensive right now (it's red book is somewhere in the $80 area). Between my own purchases and gifts from others I've accumulated a bunch of mint sets, from the early and mid 90's proof sets, to the SMS sets, to a complete collection of the proof presidential four coin sets. BTW, I would totally recommend getting SMS sets, they are super cool, and super cheap, as you can get them at the bucks a piece. I personally don't do enrollment, because I'm a bit paranoid about automatic charges to my account, although it appears it means I have to wait longer for sets. Anyhow, great blog, and to silver sets, reverse proofs, plus any other odd/weird/radical mint sets!


Level 4

stop making me jealous with that awesome set, and the W proof nickel! 😂


Level 5

If you collect proof sets, its got to be the silver. There is a lot of emphasis on the quarters but the Kennedy half and Roosevelt dime never looked so good as they do in silver. Though the market for these tends down, I don't mind getting them from the mint if you're going to hold them. Another plus is the packaging. I remember the mint packaging of the '70s and the packaging used today is much nicer. In fact, it's so nice that I'd never need or want to send them in for third party grading and encapsulation. The current mint mounting and packaging of proof sets will last generations.


Level 7

Great post. And i also received my set.. I put on my gloves and opened it up . Took out the coins i needed and closed the lens. That leaves the dollar and four quarters wixh my son allready has in his NGC slabs proof 69 ultra modern. Thats what he wanted. One quarter to go. And the uncirculated set P&D. Books done up to date.. It a great felling to complete a set my motto never give up!!. Thanks still in my prayers


Level 6

Nice blog Charlie. I love that bat... I would look around more for that set. Seems kind of high but what do I know? Keep doing your research and you will find one. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Good Morning Charlie, thanks for sharing your beautiful 2020 set with us, once you've bought the silver proofs, the clad proofs just pale in comparison. BTW, you might consider finding a local dealer in your area or even scan ebay for better value. Littleton and those popup ad sellers tend to be a little high and most modern proof sets are selling for less than their original issue price. My first proof set was a 1969 that I purchased way back that same year of issue, it was $5 and it still sells for just about that same price.


Level 5

Beautiful set. Nice post. Yes, we should honor and remember those who have passed recently. Always appreciate our family and friends. Things are getting better, but dont let your guard down. Stay safe.

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