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15 Oct 2020

Double Eagles???

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Good evening folks!

I once again find myself blogging at a time that is NOT normal for me! I have been absent longer than normal from blogging also. Just a tip for EVERYONE, when you retire, sometimes you aren't really completely retired. I had a couple of things come up that demanded my immediate attention. Right after my last blog, I remember Oobie posting about his flying eagle cent. I also remember I.R. Bama mentioning the fact that the flying eagle cent was his favorite cent pieces. One of the coin stores that I have done business with in the past sends me a monthly advertisement and right after the first of the month I received mine. The coins on sale the first of the month were early cents. Since I receive my disability check on the first of the month, I decided to splurge and buy a couple of these flying eagles.

Oobie's blog on 3 June 2020 pretty much covers these coin's characteristics and he does a fine job in his description. You should check it out when you get a chance! I'll just add that they are 19 mm in diameter and weigh in at 4.67 grams (which is one of the reasons they were minted). I also really liked I.R. Bama's story about Peter the eagle and how it relates to Peter Jefferson. I thought I was spending too much money on my 2 cent piece, but like I said, it was the first of the month and they were selling small letters and large letters, so I bought one of each. You know what they say, "you can't take it with you", right Mokie? :-)

These eagles will take their rightful place next to my 2020-W Reverse proof Lincoln and my 1909 VDB Lincoln cents. I'll also be leaving a note in my journal reminding my "girlfriend" of how important history is when it relates to coins, and remind her that I don't want these coins sold. In conclusion, these birds are for you I.R. Bama ! Until next time folks, stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free!

Charlie aka slybluenote



Level 4

Nice work! Love this coin! Cheers, NM


Level 5

Nice additions, Charlie! I.R. Bama mentioned in his response that there are 14 die varieties of the flying eagle cent. I am fortunate to own one of them in the double-die obverse of the 1858 LL cent.


Level 6

Nice ones. Good pick ups. It's funny, I used to shop at Daves Coins but he was in Joshua Tree. Guy retired on me. How rude. Now I have to drive an hour each way. Thanks.


Level 5

Enjoyable blog. When retired, most things can be on your schedule.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Very nice pickups! Now you have only two more to go for a full set. The tough one is the 1858/7. That one was the only coin I bought for 6 months because of its price but I had to have it. The 1857 is pretty easy to pick up. THEN, if you really get into this series, there are 14 varieties of the circulation strike. I haven't gone that deep into them yet but its all in the grand plan! LOL! I do, however have one with a mint error, which was fun to add to my set. Don't worry about that 1856. Only the uberwealthy collectors have one and there aren't very many either because it was a pattern coin. Good for you Charlie!


Level 5

Right You Are, Charlie!!!! Great additions my Friend!!!


Level 5

Nice coin and pick up ! I don't have any flying eagles cents myself. 3 year run is such a short period of time. Might try to pick one up myself here.

Mike B

Level 6

I was wondering were you went!! That's a nice coin. I have a hard time finding them. So I went to the Indian cent. I try and collect those that way Liberty on the obverse. You know they didn't see much circulating. I do have two I think there nice they had a short run. Enjoy it . Nice pick up.


Level 4

You can't take it with you, Yeah, Dave gets a portion of my disability check each month as well. lol. Nice coins, I really like this design although it is not one that I actively pursue. I'll leave that up to you, Ooie and Bama, but I do like em. Thanks for the update, always nice to see someone updating their collection. Later!

Only three years but having a complete set is nearly impossible! Love this design, and they made this coin quite big for a small cent


Level 4

Very cool! Them having only a three year run makes it a bit fun for those small cent collectors like me

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