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03 Jan 2021

New Washington Quarter Design

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Top O' the morning folks,

Just read a very interesting article on the new design of the Washington Quarter from CoinNews.net . Some of you are already know about it, I just know that this is the first I've heard about it. There were quite a few thought provoking comments following the article. Here is the link so you can read it for yourself:https://www.coinnews.net/2020/12/29/george-washington-crossing-delaware-quarter-images/

According to the article, there were 17 other designs that were considered. Some of those were very nice. This will be a short post, but I'm sure that if Bama, Stumpy, Mokester, Gary, and MikeB haven't seen the new design and read the comments at the end of the article, it will provoke some interesting conversation !

As always, in conclusion, stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free until the next time! Take care!

Charlie aka slybluenote



Level 4

Thanks for the blog. I don't mind the design

walking liberty

Level 4

i really like this quarter design! a lot of work was put into it it looks like. Hope they are able to release it. WL


Level 5

What the hey happened to the eagle, mon?! All coins, quarter and over, must have an eagle. Now, the government is breaking their own laws again. The design in ugly like most of the gunk comin out of the mint today. The eagle was eliminated. Now with the world starting to hate religion, will "In God We Trust" be next to be erased from the coins? Every design for the bullion is also convoluted, and dumb. The designs look good on line, but drawling doesn't compare to line. The AIP was good when it first started and now it is pushing out crud. Copy and paste is all they do now. My verdict on the quarter is keep the John Flanagan front and back, and discard this reverse trash. This was the AIP's project, and they screwed up. Designer Ben Sowards needed to do something better like the 2016 Mark Twain Commem. The reverse from 1932-1998 needed to stay. The eagle is fine. On the plus side, without the extra coins, proof sets may get cheaper. But the US Mint keeps raising the prices, and the new proof set with a lesser face value in coins will cost more face value of your money. On a side note, the bottle may be product placement by coke. I have said my part.

Long Beard

Level 5

This may grow on me over time, but to eliminate the last eagle from a circulating U.S. coin does not set well. When I saw the new Innovation dollars, with LIBERTY removed from the obverse I have to wonder if that's the beginning of it's elimination?

Kevin Leab

Level 4

I didn't like the new design at first either...too busy and the huge BS "designers initials" on Washingtons cape. The more Iooked at it though I believe its starting to grow on me. I also believe there will be mint errors on this reverse because of so much detail. Thats my opinion.

Coin Keeper

Level 3

I'm in suspense of what all of the 2021 quarters look like...

I actually like it, although I'm with stumpy on the sword! I hope they stick with this one and don't change the design every few months.


Level 5

I like the reverse design. If it's only for one year that would make it interesting. So many quarter designs it's easy to lose interest in collecting them all. So many quarters to collect.


Level 6

I'm with Stumpy and Bama on this one, as well as Sun. Not a huge fan. Just too much that will likely be mushy. We'll see. Hope I'm wrong. Thanks..


Level 5

Nice design but didn't we have Washington crossing the Delaware with the New Jersey Quarter.


Level 4

How long will it be before a doubled sword variety shows up lol!? Overall I like the design, it actually does remind me and feels a bit like the 1976 Bicentennial quarter. I'm loving most of the new quarter designs (and dollars). It always turns out that once you get hold of the new designs in your own hands you really start to pick up on the character and what's amazing about a new design. Thanks for posting!


Level 5

I like the design. Ive left a few comments on other blogs about it, but in short, the reverse I find to be nice and busy, but not enough to be considered "Cluttered". I love the older style of the obverse, but would much rather see the mint return to an older design like the standing liberty. Cheers, NM


Level 7

I like that reverse design. Is this for every year? Because the American The Beautiful dollar ends in 2021. The Tuskegee air men is the last. Of the set. It comes in a three coin lens P,D,S.. They were brave men. I have also heard a rumor that A.T.B. Set will continue with animals.of the fifty states . .RUMOR ONLY don't get excited. As to the original quarter up top. It's back to the old style of making coins!. Patriots. I like that!!History wise I don't think Washington was holding a sword. I think he was holding on.! I just took another look. What is he holding in his other hand. Looks like a bottle to me. I'm not sure.

Long Beard

Level 5

Technically a monocular.


Level 5

Im seeing a telescope, not a bottle.


Level 6

I am with Mike B on this one, I first saw the design several months ago when it was one of the finalist that the CCAC was considering and it was my favorite even back then. It is a little busy and would probably be much better on the Half Dollar planchet but I am very happy to replace that anemic eagle and all those Statehood/ATB designs with something point forward toward the 2026 250th anniversary.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I saw it about a week ago. My first reaction was "I don't like it." It was a visceral reaction. Immediate. Now I have had time to understand why. First off it's too busy. Way too much clutter. That alone makes for a poor design. I haven't seen one of course but a lot of that design is just going to look kind of fuzzy. Second, the whole thing is almost allegorical in appearance. Here we have Washington in a pose that looks like he is leading a cavalry charge in a Spaghetti Western. "Look! Here comes the Calvary to save the day! Chaaarrrrge!!!". I mean, like really? He was in the the boat shivering his rear end off with the rest of his men. These men weren't singing choruses of row row row your boat, no! They were all in bad shape, many ready to surrender because conditions were so dire. It was that final act of giving up every bit of gas left in the tank in a desperate bid for one last attack that changed the tide leading to eventual victory. This design fails to capture the event


Level 5

I don't think Washington was holding a sword, I think he was freezing his unmentionables off! I'm not even going to get started on "Feel Good" subjects on coinage, you've all heard my opinion on that crap! Nice blog Pally Boy!!

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