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14 Mar 2021

Peace Dollar Collection Update

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Top O' the morning folks!

The discussion this morning has been inspired by Mokie, Gary, and MikeB. As most of you know, I started a collection of Peace dollars back on Jan. 1st, of this year. Naturally, following the rules, I went and purchased "the book". I've completed my reading and like any good student, have learned quite a bit about these "heavy hitters" (Peace dollars) ! The designer of this coin was Anthony de Francisci. He was among 8 New York area artists that were invited to submit designs for the competition. This information is derived from the book "A Guide Book of Peace Dollars" written by Roger W. Burdette, 4th Edition. I strongly suggest this publication to anyone that is interested in collecting Peace dollars. This coin was to signal the end of the great war (WW1) which was why it was named the Peace dollar. In early Jan., 1922, Treasury Secretary Mellon said: "This new design will be known as the Peace Dollar and is so named in honor of the Conference on Limitation of Armaments." Also involved in the engraving of this coin at the Mint was George T. Morgan. Morgan worked for many years as an assistant under the Wyons at the British Royal Mint. In 1876 he was brought to the Philadelphia mint as a "special engraver" reporting directly to Mint director Henry R. Linderman. To put it mildly, there were problems with the production of this coin from the start. To sum up this book in just a few words, I.R. Bama would be proud of the amount of research that Roger Burdette put into this publication.

Since my Jan. 1st post, I've decided on a storage plan and after reading the above publication, an avenue to proceed with my collection. I decided to slab my collection in favor of keeping them in a folder. The reasoning for this approach is simple: if it's good enough for my Kennedy collection, then why not use it for my Peace Dollars. I'm familiar with this concept and know it to be effective. If you've visited my collection page recently, you'll notice that I've already got a few items entered. Per the book's suggestion, I'm going to focus my resources on purchasing a quality 1934-S which is a key date and one of the more costly pieces of this collection. I'm also going to pay particular attention to the 1928 which is also a semi-key date and is also of considerable cost. As I stated back on Jan. 1st, I know this collection is going to send me into the field of "High Finances"! Another reason why I like the way this book was written is at the end of the review for each year is a segment called "Collecting Advice" which contains tips on how to collect that particular year. This information is found in Chapter 9 along with a "TON" of other useful pointers such as Relative Rarity, Significant Examples, and Varieties.

As always, enjoy the pictures, stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free. It has been a week since I've had my second vaccination and I'm still alive! According to the Dr.'s it takes 2 weeks for the shot to be effective, so I guess I have 1 more week until I'm actually safe. So I continue to "double mask" to stay safe and will continue to do so until the CDC says otherwise. Talk to everyone again soon!

P.S. Did I mention that the little old lady in the middle is the one that gave me the 1921 Peace Dollar that started my collection? Thanks mom & RIP!

Charlie aka slybluenote



Level 5

Nice tribute and a nice informative blog. No Peace dollars yet in my collection, but someday.


Level 5

Cool holders. I think they look pretty convincing. Is you are really going after the peace dollars, maybe consider certifying them all and entering them into the registry set competition.

Long Beard

Level 5

And a great way to start. Similar to yourself I began my set last January and lack only a 1928 and 1934s. Both of which I'll be buying in June at the PAN show. You pick a beautiful design to collect, and relatively easy to complete. Only those two mentioned will test your budget. What's odd is that the '28 has a lower mintage yet cheaper than the $500 '34 in AU. Go figure.


Level 6

Peace dollars are my favorite coin. Roger is a great guy and really writes a fantastic book. You are in for some fun with these Ladies. I would like to see your 1921. I have a tired one as I couldn't afford a nice high relief. Not yet anyway. Thanks Charlie.


Level 5

Dude, that is some sweet coinage! Your Mon musta been a "Goddess", thanks for sharing!


Level 5

Ill check it out! Thanks for the suggestion. I LOVE this coin!

Kevin Leab

Level 4

I had alot of fun putting together my Peace Dollar set. I chose to put together an AU set.....It was challenging but very rewarding when its complete. I'd love to do another one.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A famous Numismatist once wrote - " there is no better man than a man at Peace with his Dollars" You are at Peace my friend!!!


Level 6

Have fun with your Peace Dollar collection! Its a beautiful design! ; )


Level 5

Roger Burdette is one of the most thorough and detailed authors in numismatics. He goes to great lengths to make sure there is no stone left unturned. I have several of his books, and they are all excellent. That said, he has an interesting personality. I have read several of his blogs on NGC's boards. He tends to lay the sarcasm on pretty thick. He pulls no punches. Once, I quoted an old numismatic author, and Roger told me to throw the book I quoted in the fireplace and burn it. He went on to say the information from the book, once thought tried and true, was now inaccurate. However, I still have that book because I don't believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I'll say this though, I once posted a picture with a quarter-eagle I had purchased, and he went on to reply to my post, "Nice QE." Now that was high praise!


Level 5

Now that, is an interesting story Gary! I will certainly remember it for sure! Thanks!


Level 6

Looks like good plan


Level 5

Like what you are doing. I need to slab my own coins. Keeps them nice and storable. The book is great.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

The Peace Dollar is a magnificent coin, isn't it? I completed my set this past year


Level 7

Thanks for the plug but we just make suggestions. Your the one who read the book and pulled the trigger!. And a nice shot it was. There great coins and nice to collect! Good for you. Your spreading out which is great. The more you know about a certain coin the easy it is to collect. Knowledge is power. In honor of Stumpy being home. Nuff Said

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