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11 Nov 2021

Veterans Day 2021

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Good Morning folks!

As we start today, let us remember the reason for the season. I would like to dedicate this post to my buddy and co-worker Jim “Jimmy” Layman who passed this last July. Jimmy served at the end of WWII as a weatherman in the Navy. After his service he ran his own business for quite a few years until he retired. Not being able to be “sedate” he came to work with me as a driver on the railroad until a few years ago. He left this world like he wanted to; on his own terms and in his sleep. His ashes were spread in the small pond beside his house on the 40+ acres he owned.

The commemorative coin in the picture below was bought while I was on vacation visiting my family in Virginia recently. I don’t know much about it except that it’s a 9-11 twenty year anniversary coin and is .999 silver. It’s about the size of a half dollar. It was one of those purchases that when I saw it, I liked it so I bought it….LOL! Anyway, it will take it’s place in my collection along with the rest of my commemoratives. I will remember it fondly like I do Jimmy !

This post will be brief due to the fact that it’s a holiday, and I have more than enough maintenance to be done on my collection and to prepare for my nickel collection. I have ordered the necessary books and a few boxes of slabs, which are on their way as we speak. I’ve also ordered a set to start my new collection off with. I’ll be posting after these items have arrived! As always, stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free. One last thought, if you love your freedom, thank a vet and RIP Jimmy Layman!



Level 6

Great blog. RIP Jimmy. Thanks to you as well Charlie on this day.


Level 5

Thank you veterans and thank you "Jimmy". Nice to honor and remember Jim Layman.


Level 6

Very heartfelt blog. God bless all of Veterans and those who have served our great country. Nice coin slybluenote! Thanks for sharing this one! ; )


Level 7

A very heart warming blog. Every year I would put one up. We will remember your friend and all the others. For they are all brave Americans. They gave more to this country than anyone else. There life. We will never forget those who served this great great country so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. We shall also remember there family's left behind. And those now living a life style as a wounded warrior. God bless the Men and Women in the United States of America Armed services. May there life be long and full of successes.

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