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17 Oct 2021

Class V Doubled Die

| Stan McDonald - author

Class V doubled die shows doubling to the right or the left around the coin with a widespread, into a medium spread, and finally a minor spread. For example, Liberty will have widespread doubling above the lettering, the Motto will have a medium spread to the right of the lettering , and the date will have a minor spread below the numbers.



Level 6

Love these errors! Thanks for the info! ; )


Level 5

Always neat finding error coins from circulation.


Level 7

That's nice but unfortunately there is no so buying or advertising on this site. It's in the disclaimer on the bottom of every blog.


Level 6

Thank you for sharing.

If you want a good start I have several books on Amazon you can find.


Level 5

Learning a lot about errors. I should of got into collecting errors. Thanks

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