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19 Oct 2021

Class VII Doubled Die

| Stan McDonald - author

Class VII Doubled Die
A coin that has raised areas around the numbers is a doubled die. Machine doubling would show thin number or letter duplication with no overlap on the tops of letters and numbers. The doubled die is often overlooked since it is not a full doubling of the numbers.

Thousands of 2021 Lincoln cents reveal worn dies that stamp coins with expanded numbers and letters. These are not doubled dies by a widening of the lettering and numbers from die wear. The photo of the 2021 Lincoln cent shows LIBERTY with wider than standard lettering. The widening of the letters appears to the left. Many 2021 Lincoln cents also have a widening of the date at the bottom of the numbers.



Level 5

Cool info - thanks.


Level 6

Cool! I'll be checking my 2021 cents! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Many coins like them lately, are falling into public hands. Great eyes!!!!


Level 6

Thanks, I'll be checking my 2021's.


Level 5

Will start checking my 2021 cents. Very interesting information on double dies. Thanks

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