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20 Oct 2021

Class VIII Doubled Die

| Stan McDonald - author

Class VIII Doubled Die

A class eight doubled die occurs when the hub is tilted, and a working die is made from this hub. The error shows a slight doubling of letters in the form of a bump or a curved, raised material around the numbers and letters. Collectors often overlook the error, but this error type's added value is lower than other doubled die types.

The error can be confused with die wear since an expanding die will have sloping edges adding material to the letters and the numbers on a coin. Both photos represent the doubling of "LIBERTY," emphasizing the "Y" on this particular coin.

I hope this help collectors

Stan - author of error coin guides



Level 5

Thanks fir the info. Now I can ID these when I come across them.

Be careful to ensure it is not the slope of the strike, especially with newly minted releases.


Level 5

Thanks for the info.


Level 5

Very interesting. I may study double dies. Thanks


Level 6

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge on these great errors! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

To which coin ....?? Great eye for details .


Level 6

I see. Thanks for doing this series on doubling. Many people have it all wrong. Your blogs are very helpful.

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