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12 Nov 2021

Collar Errors

Coins | Stan McDonald - author

Collar Break By Stan McDonald - author and numismatist

Collar breaks come in many forms. One of the most common breaks results in the planchet shifting and the result is a strike with a wider rim on one side of the coin. This type of collar error is in circulation. Second photo

Sometimes this error is confused for an off-center strike. The difference is that the broken collar strike creates a coin strike with the standard size. A missing collar creates various degrees of off-center coins.

Other collar breaks create irregular circumferences around the coins which are not commonly found in circulation. The coins are also larger than the standard size. First photo



Level 6

Great job. Your photos really help explaining the error. Thanks


Level 6

Nice photos! Interesting subject! Thanks! ; )


Level 5

Nice blog! And nice photos also!


Level 5

I like these errors and all errors. Could collect endless examples. I never started collecting errors, which may be good. I would probably go overboard and collect way to many.


Level 5

Great to hear from you, and nice photos!

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