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16 Nov 2021

Die Cap

| Stan McDonald - author

Die Cap

There are various degrees of die caps. Some die-capped coins are deeply struck, while others are stuck less deeply.

A "die cap" error results from a coin getting stuck on a die and striking the next few planchets. The hammer or anvil die will eventually take the shape of the cap, and subsequent coins show deep impressions. There are different die cap stages, from blurred coinage to coinage, with most details present.

Since this error type does not fit into "rolled" coinage, it is not likely any get into circulation. This error type is likely to be discovered by employees of banks who purchase coins in Mint boxes from the Federal Reserve or by those who are lucky enough to acquire an unopened box of mint state coins.


How much do they sell for?


Level 6

Very cool for sure! ; )


Level 5

How do you purchase those bags/boxes? And how do you tell the difference between this and a broadstrike?

I go to a local bank and get a box of Lincoln cents to search through.

Yeah, how do you get bags?

I've always wanted one.


Level 5

Fantastic. Would like to find one of those. Need to buy bags or boxes? To find them.


Level 6

One of my favorites. Looks just like a black powder gun percussion cap. Thanks.


Level 6

Your right! That is what it looks like! haha ;)


Level 5

WOW…that sure is an odd shaped penny for sure. I’m not very well versed on how coins are produced, so reading your posts is certainly a good experience for me! Thanks for sharing!

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