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26 Nov 2021

Die Clash

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Die Clash – PCGS Definition

The result of the hammer and anvil dies coming together with no planchet in between. The dies mark each other, leaving remnants of each other’s design on the opposing die. Evidence of this is visible in coins minted using clashed dies as portions of the reverse design is visible on the obverse and portions of the obverse design can be seen on the reverse of the coin.

From the author of error coin guides and lifelong Numismatist - Stan McDonald



Level 5

Love those. Hard to find them though.


Level 6

Thanks for another error! ; )


Level 5

Have yet to find one of these.


Level 6

Thanks. I enjoy your work.


Level 5

Wonder how many times this happens ? Would like to watch coins being made. Amazing machines.

While they are not common, they are not worth much $. At a coin show, I can sell these for about $5. I found two out of 250,000 coins searched. I search coins for references in my books.

AC coin$

Level 6

Good eyes , for the impossible .

I have a handheld microscope set up with a large monitor that I can pass coins quickly through.

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